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A quick and clean weapon mod that adds a long rifle lever action shotgun to the game. Requires WRP.

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I noticed a distinct lack of long stocked, long barrelled lever action shotguns on the Nexus when I went looking for one, so I decided to just make my own, you guys can have it if ye want. 

It's added to the shotgun surgeon perk list and a few other relevant form lists via script, and it pops into your inventory like a gift from the mod gods as soon as you boot up your game because I wasn't arsed going searching for it and it's item code. 

The shotgun can be modified using the hunting shotgun choke and has a similar effect, reducing the spread of the weapon. It does about as much damage and has similar stats to Dinner Bell, so don't worry about it being OP or anything. Uses 12Ga shotgun shells.

This mod probably requires WRP for the textures to not look utterly fucked, so get that first. Or don't, idc.

That's all there is to say really, this is a fairly basic, run of the mill weapon mod, have fun.

22/7/2017 V1.1: Fixed wonky texture paths.