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Adds two Recon based Laser Weapons to the game. One Laser DMR/Sniper Rifle with a choice of either ACOG or Sniper Scopes, and a Silenced Laser Pistol for when you want to get up close and sneaky. Fully integrated into leveled lists for your immersion needs.

Permissions and credits
Recon Laser Weapons

This mod adds two new weapons to the world of New Vegas, the Recon Laser Rifle, and the Recon Laser Pistol that has a silencer as an optional mod. The Pistol is heavily based on/uses assets from Ruadhan2300's Compact Laser Pistol, the textures and some mesh components are from weijiesen's wonderful, amazing EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements mod. Both weapons are balanced fairly within the game, and are added to all relevant perk, achievement and leveled lists. This means that they are affected by the Laser Commander perk, among others, and will occasionally show up on Brotherhood personnel.
As you can see in the screenshots, the Recon Laser Rifle has the option of either an ACOG (Default) or Telescopic (Optional Mod) sight. The Laser Pistol's sights are from EVE. This mod REQUIRES EVE TO WORK PROPERLY, otherwise you will have fucked messed up textures and the Pistol will probably crash your game. This is a fairly basic weapon mod so that's all there is to say really.

These Laser Weapons not quite to your taste? Head over to Scail's Turbolaser Weapon Pack, the weapons in Scail's pack are seriously awesome so check them out :D 


The weapons, along with the silencer attachment for the Pistol, can be found in both the Silver Rush and the BoS Bunker in Hidden Valley, as you would expect for such specialty energy weapons. The Silver Rush have them locked in a room upstairs so you won't be able to get your hands on them without a high Lockpick Level. Again, the Brotherhood have them secured in their armory, located beside the firing range inside the bunker. You will have to figure out how to get to them yourselves, but it shouldn't prove too difficult for you guys. The weapons, as stated before, should start to show up in the inventories of some high level Brotherhood members after a few in game days. They should also show up in the inventories of the BoS and Silver Rush Vendors, along with the Laser Pistol Silencer Modification.
Both the Recon Laser Rifle and the Recon Laser Pistol have two modifications available to them, they are as follows:

Recon Laser Rifle:
  • Laser Rifle Scope - Adds a Telescopic Scope, increases zoom.
  • Laser Rifle Focus Optics - Increases damage.

Recon Laser Pistol: 
  • 10mm Laser Sight - Reduces Spread.
  • Laser Pistol Silencer - Silences the weapon.

The Recon Laser Rifle uses both the vanilla Laser Scope and Focus Optics for MAXIMUM COMPATIBILITY, so you should be able to pick up those modifications easily enough. The Recon Laser Pistol uses the vanilla 10mm Pistol Laser Sight and a Laser Weapon Silencer that I had to add in myself. Due to the unreliability of scripts to add items to vendor's inventories, I have placed this new mod beside the Pistol wherever it shows up in the game, for simplicities sake.


Although I could not get the Nexus page to display it, this mod REQUIRES EVE TO WORK. To be honest, if you have any interest in Energy Weapons and you don't have EVE, I'm doing you a favor pointing it out to you that you NEED that mod, it's goddamn spectacular. 

To get the green coloration seen in the screenshots you need to download my EVE Laser Rifle Texture Recolour, after EVE and overwrite when prompted 

Bits & Bobs

The reload animations/mesh placements can be a bit off after you equip the weapon. Reloading or changing ammo types will put everything back in the right place, however, so it's not really something I'm too worried about, with the way animations work there's not much I can do about it anyway, so y'all'll just have to live with it. 

I would like to thank Ruadhan2300 for allowing me to tinker with and release a new version of his Compact Laser Pistol, it was a lot of fun to play around with. 

This mod also uses sounds from dDefinder1's Improved Sound FX v0821, so I'd like to thank him for that as well.

And a special thank you goes out to  weijiesen, of course, although this mod requires his to work so I didn't technically need to ask for his permission on this one (Pretty much cause I'm kinda sure he's tired of me messaging him asking to use his assets :P )

Sorry for the images tab being a bit of a mess, I'm a bit short on time at the moment so I didn't get the chance to produce screenshots up to my usual standard. Time willing I'll be able to fix that in the future :) The armor in the screenshots is a custom piece made by myself and it uses so many assets from so many different mods that there is just no way I could get the permissions needed to release it, so it's unavailable, sozzers.

As I say in all my mod descriptions, please report any bugs or glitches you find to me, either via message or on the mod page, thanks! And thanks for checking out my mod! Don't forget to endorse if you like this or any other mod, it might only take a few seconds of your time but it can mean a lot to the mod authors that make all the amazing content on this website. Show them you appreciate the work they put in!

Feel free to upload your own screenshots to the mod page under the images tab, I enjoy seeing what others can do with the weapons I make! :D 
If you are planning on making a video featuring my weapon I encourage you to do so, and, if you can, let me know if you upload it so I can add it to the mod page. If you encounter any obvious bugs while recording I would really appreciate it if you would let me know and give me a chance to fix them before you upload the video. I understand that this is not always possible due to time constraints and whatnot, but if it's at all possible that'd be swell :)

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26/07/2017 - V1.2:Fixed the texture paths on most of the meshes, thanks to LeoMen14 for pointing this one out/
20/05/2017 - V1.1:Removes accidental PNX scope mesh being used on the Recon Laser Rifle when using the Telescopic Sight, thanks to Envus for pointing this one out to me.