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Adds a few bonuses to the Plasma Spaz Perk to bring it up to the level of Laser Commander, etc. Plasma Spaz now has a small damage boost as well as the vanilla AP reduction effect, and also makes plasma weapons set enemies on fire with unique green flame effects.

Permissions and credits
Plasma Spaz Redux
I found the Plasma Spaz perk to be severely lacking in comparison to it's laser counterpart, Laser Commander, so I upgraded it a bit. Instead of just adding some boring damage modifiers, I decided I wanted something a bit more flashy, so I made people go on fire when hit with a plasma weapon. The results you can see in the images above. The mod works in a way that allows it to apply this perk effect to every plasma weapon, vanilla or not, without a compatibility patch, as long as they are added to the Plasma Spaz perk list. This mod does not change the base AP reduction or the level requirements for the Plasma Spaz Perk.

What it Does
With this mod, the Plasma Spaz perk now gives the player an additional 10% damage bonus to Plasma Weaponry, along with setting enemies on fire with a green flame that does differing amounts of damage per second for each weapon type. You can see the weapon types and their corresponding fire damage per second values here:

  • Pistols:3 damage a second for 4 seconds
  • Rifles: 6 damage a second for 4 seconds
  • Heavy Weapons:    10 damage a second for 4 seconds

I did my best to balance these values against the 15% increase to damage that Laser commander gives, and the perks should be much more balanced relative to each other now. 

How it Does it
For the original version:
This mod runs a small script every time you load a save or open the game. This script makes its way through the Plasma Spaz perk list and applies an Object Effect to each weapon in this list according to what type of weapon it is. This object effect only works if you have the Plasma Spaz perk. This way it can add different amounts of fire damage to different weapon categories, which allowed me to balance each weapon more easily. Because this mod uses a script to do this, it means that it is compatible with all mods that add plasma weapons, as long as the author has added them to the Plasma Spaz list. Because the script runs once every time you load your game, when you download new plasma weapon mods, it should add a fire effect to it. The mod also displays what weapons it has affected in the console every time it runs, so if you want to check if a particular weapon has been affected, you can just open up the console when you load the game and check there. If the weapon you are looking for is not in the console when you load your game (give it about 30 seconds at the start) and you are sure it is in the Plasma Spaz list, then simply disable this mod, open your game, save over your save, and enable it again. The script should pick it up the second time.

For the Event Handler version:
Registers an Event Handler for the player hitting an NPC with a weapon on game load.
This Event Handler checks if the weapon used is in the Plasma Spaz formlist, and if it is, it checks the weapon type (Pistol, Rifle, or 'Heavy Weapon') and applies the appropriate level of burning to the hit actor. Done!

Due to the script functions needed for this mod to go through the perk list and apply object effects, it requires NVSE and the JIP LN Plugin, so you'll need to get them before you can use this mod. That's just the way it is mates.
The same might not apply to the Event Handler version, since I believe the event I used is just in NVSE, but I haven't tested this.
It's still better to have JIP LN NVSE regardless.

12/12/2019 V2.0: Rewrote the mod using Event Handlers to properly, for real, only apply the effect to actors hit by the player. Unfortunately loses the ability to affect explosives, so choose what you value more.
20/10/2017 V1.2: Made it so the perk only affects the player's weapon.
19/10/2017 V1.1: Fixed a bug in the script that wasn't making it reset properly after it finished running.