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Aims to make combat feel more responsive. Ever thought to yourself how enemies sometimes don't even react to getting shot? This mod tries to fix that.

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Makes combat feel more fluid, enemies will react more to getting shot or hit, making them feel less like a bullet sponge and in turns makes combat more satisfying. Pretty much an essential improvement to the games' weak combat system.


  • Enemies will now almost always react to getting shot/hit, instead of just when their body part becomes crippled
  • Works on humans, Super Mutants and feral ghouls
  • Optionally crippled heads on enemies will make them fall to the ground
  • Optional expanded sound effects
  • Diverse MCM options for those who want to tweak the mod
  • Blocking melee staggers enemies
  • Makes Super Mutants in FO3/TTW bearable

  • Upping the difficulty in settings since you now have more room react to enemies

Because enemies won't be shooting at you while getting hit by bullets themselves anymore the mod is understandably bound to make the game a bit easier than in it's vanilla state. To counter this (and to make the game feel more realistic) here are some recommendations:
  • Change the game difficulty under Settings>Gameplay (default is Normal, Hard or Very Hard is recommended)
  • Use mods like DT Multiplier and DR Adder and BLEED to make your player more vulnerable to bullets
  • Use some of the MCM settings included with this mod to tweak how often it affects NPCs

  • NVSE
  • JIP LN NVSE (If you're having problems try updating JIP, a recent version is required)
  • MCM

This mod replaces no assets and only adds scripts. It should be compatible with almost everything, including any expansion mods such as TTW and Fallout: New California. Additionally this mod has been specifically made compatible with Live Dismemberment.