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SuBNeRoCL and Asurah

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Allows dismembering creatures and humans while they are alive.

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This mod allows you to shoot the arms or legs off of a living creature of human character, while they are alive. If you damage a limb enough beyond crippling, it will either sever or explode depending on the damage you are dealing.

This mod requires the latest version of JIP LN to function.

I highly recommend using BLEED alongside this mod.


If a leg is dismembered, the NPC will crawl on the ground.

If the left arm is dismembered, NPCs will be restricted to singe-handed weapons (pistols, knives)

If the right arm is dismembered, NPCs will flee combat.

You will not be able to target dismembered characters with VATS.


Decer/Asurah : Animations 

SuBNeRoCL : Scripting, Animations