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Netherlands Netherlands


- I  will  not support collections or respond to requests for tech help on this matter.


- Was not my choice to be in a collection list & it is up to the curator to keep that list up to date. Is not  an obligation for when, why or if i update any of my mods.


- Will break your game because my mod  was the your list &  the curator didn't remove it from the list then you need to complain by the list creator in the first place by not keeping his work up to date. I put my  time into my mods whenever i like and not when others demand. Reporting issues about this on my mod page will not be answered.

- I will NOT DELETE any mods for those that enjoy them, or use assets within their mods. But i will NOT  upload any new work via nexus.

- Keep working on   Crows&Creatures  as told on my mod page. It is still a WIP: still do as many creatures i can, solve little textures issues &  as final finish i will pack it in bs2 files.

- Friends & mod users can always find me via Facebook or Steam.
- My name is Xazomn & that is a Dwarfs name and pronounced as - Shaashom

My main character in Fallout New Vegas was Pearl, a white haired beauty with icy eyes. She was always my main inspiration for all my texture work i did in New Vegas.
Last years i created most of my time for fallout 4 like Crows & creatures, Commonwealth Teeth & Spiritual Eyes FO4.
My favorite characters i took with me to Fallout 4 are Nurse Decay, Furnia & Jericho. I tryed to re-create them and i think i did,'if i say myself', a good job with them.



I make drawings my whole life.It's a passion.This drawing here under is my last one i created by hand and pencil. Because of cancer i can't do this anymore. Happy to say i survived this horrible illnes and can say i am clean & healthy again. This painting i made from the cover of New Vegas was the last one i made with pencil...so for now creating things with Photoshop is important for me as it is easier to work with and i can go back if i am make any mistakes. I put  love & passion into my creatures & all the  other work i do.

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