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The final chapter of the New Vegas Bounties series.

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New Vegas Bounties III is the final installment in the New Vegas Bounties series of quest mods. It features several hours of content, a frigid, new worldspace and over 2,000 lines of voiced dialogue.

Extract the contents of the data folder from the archive into your New Vegas data folder. Ensure you have the Someguyseries.esm in your load order and activated.

Getting Started:
Once the mod is loaded, you will be prompted to speak with Virgil, who can be found outside Randall & Associates.

NOTE: The current build is strictly standalone. Though scripted events are tied to the Someguyseries.esm, I elected to make the quest as accessible as possible for the time being. I have also come to appreciate just how unreliable this engine is after five years of modding, so I favor simplicity. If you are starting a new playthrough, I strongly advise you to de-activate NewVegasBountiesIII.esp until the first two installments are complete. On the other hand, you are now free to throw the strictures of plot and chronological presentation to the wind, should you so choose.

Though I've steadily warped into a bitter drunk in the past half-decade, I still value constructive criticism. However, I have absolutely zero patience for pedantic diatribes or whining in general. Okay, polite whining is acceptable, but anything that's mean-spirited in tone will earn a block/ban as quickly as my beer-stained fingers can click the mouse. Is "Mean-spirited" subjective? Certainly! On the other hand, did I invest hundreds of hours of my free time to digest invective from misanthropes? Absolutely not. If something is wrong, please tell me. Just don't be a dick about it. 

A Warning:
If you have played any of my mods, then you are familiar with my tendency to wield profanity with reckless abandon. We're all adults (supposed to be, anyway) playing a game with many mature themes. If sustained outbursts of swearing will render you dyspeptic, then do the mature thing and don't play the mod. Oh, and for God's sake, please don't PM me and complain about profanity.

This is a challenging mod. Not Sword of Sigdan challenging, but difficult nonetheless, even for high-level players. The minimum recommended level is 35.

Don't bring them. You have been warned.

- Over 2,000 lines of dialogue
- Two new armor sets
- Includes a new worldspace, "Deep Creek Mountains"
- The main quest provides roughly 3+ hours of gameplay
- FO3-style random encounters
- Beginning and ending slideshows
- A cameo by one classy individual

- No known conflicts to date

- The Community: The players and fellow modders at the Nexus sites have been a continuous source of encouragement and support through the months of development.

- You: Yes, you, the player who downloads and evaluates this mod. I depend on you to excoriate any failings and praise the successes. 

- Level Design: BlooperReel

The voice actors and actress, who took their time to voice characters, sometimes prompted to voice, re-voice, and then voice again under the direction of my arbitrary, directorial impulses. This mod would be a shadow of its current self without the voice actors and actress, so thank you all. 

Dramatis Personae:
Alfred Schwartz: Blaze Lee Dragon
Al Swearer: Ardailec (Chase Johnson)
Angel Lee: Onowrouzi
Big Tim: BlazeLeeDragon
Bill Blasius: PitchPerfect
Bobby Harrison: Immodium
Bobby Jammer: Someguy2000
BrianJeffers: Someguy2000
Brimley: Someguy2000
Brookshire: The_Yellow_Dart
Captor 1: FabianBogart
Captor 2: MostPerturbatory
Captor 3: Immodium
Cunty McLean: Albert Breach
Cutty: Someguy2000
Dana Quigley: Rachel N. from MVA Studios(Juicekid313)
Doctor Musgrove: Onowrouzi
Drusus: Ardailec (Chase Johnson)
Ford: PitchPerfect
Glanton: Vulon
Godwin: Someguy2000
Gunfighter: Wolf999
Jackson: PitchPerfect
Joe Frost: Pepsi7
Ketchum's Outlaw Spokesman: Someguy2000
King Karl: PitchPerfect
Lawson: Hepatat
Lori: RangerBoo
Marko: GreyCoyote [Eric Saldanha: https://soundcloud.com/e-m-saldanha (https://soundcloud.com/e-m-saldanha)]
Oliver Doolin: Someguy2000
Porter: Someguy2000
Stone Fist: ColeCosby aka Cole Johnson(https://soundcloud.com/voice-acting-cole-johnson)
Stoudenmire: Ardailec (Chase Johnson)
Thorne: ColeCosby aka Cole Johnson (https://soundcloud.com/voice-acting-cole-johnson)
Troy: Someguy2000
Vasquez: PitchPerfect
Vermillion: PitchPerfect

- mduda
- TheCourier13
- Stormbringer13
- Thenryb
- WhiskeyRiver2
- Narmz

- Drifter's Outfit and Hats: Dragbody
- Marko's Outfit and Hat: Dragbody
- Fur crafted by Geonox 
- Cubemap textures: Weijiesen
- Old Scratch:
- Provided by Dragbody
- Rigging: Hopper31
- Models & Textures: CrackRockSteady

Design, writing, etc.: Someguy
General wisdom and plot feedback: Quetzlsacatanango
Pregnant outfit: Quetzlsacatanango
Dog eye fix: Nivea
Classic Fallout Architecture: TrickyVein
Assistance with comments, Godlike patience, and sage counsel: Thenryb

Do not copy or redistribute this mod without my explicit permission.

I am known to give out kudos to those who are the first to correctly identify historic, literary, and/or popular fictional references.

I sing a song of passion and praise for my faithful, loving, intrepid, angelic and punctual wife, who still supports my modding. Te amo!