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First things first, you're probably wondering what this mod does. In a nutshell, this mod adds hundreds of NPCs to the Mojave, a lot of which are new units. It also adds simple bounty hunting quests, camps, bases, events, and changes to the southeast portion of the Mojave. It's made to make you feel like the Legion is actually in the game while still retaining some sort of a lore-friendly feel.

If anyone has any weapon or armor mods that they think would fit with this mod, I'd be happy to work together and integrate them into this mod. As it is the vanilla game doesn't really have enough selection for me to make each unit individual, and I don't know how to make armors or meshes or anything like that. I'd integrate them into the inventories myself and of course, give credit where it's needed.

Just as a note, I run A World Of Pain, Caesar's New Regime (but not for the screenshots) and lots of mods that add new areas and this one doesn't seem to mess with or overlap any of those.

The Legion was seriously under-developed by the developers, and I felt that there needed to be some changes. Everything is completely lore-friendly, and just aims to show that the Legion is pushing forward in the southeast portion of the map.

v1.0 -
First version, includes 3 Legion camps, lots of events, adds hundreds of NPCs, new types of legionaries, and lots of other things listed below.

v1.1 - Fixed Legion Deserter faction, added a small camp to the Cottonwood Overlook. Also changes names of camps to more Roman-type names along with some bug fixes. Small but necessary update.

v1.2 -
Small fix, just changes the armor on about half of the scrappers and all of the snipers so they aren't wearing Vexillarius armor and the sniper doesn't have the helmet, which is now replaced with sunglasses.

v1.3 -
By far the biggest update yet.
-Added NCR and Legion forces to No Man's Land between Nelson and Camp Forlorn Hope.
-Added a Legion Deserter Camp.
-Added 3 encounters around the wastes, mostly with deserters
-Added a couple of legion squads at Xander Bay (the unmarked deathclaw area on the eastern side of the map. They'll get wiped out really fast, but may take a couple deathclaws with them)
-Added an NCR radio outpost near the Cliffside Prospector Camp that is being completely overrun, that the player can choose to help either side with. There will be lots of NPCs for both sides.
-Slightly nerfed the Legion Sniper

v1.4 -
Adds Marcus Tiberius, a Legion General to Camp Gamma. He has a couple of bounty hunting quests that are pretty challenging, so I would only recommend them to high level players. Also fixes the radio tower at the NCR camp.

v1.5 -
Fixed quests and adds a new one.
Also adds a named legion general to Camp Beta.

v1.6 -
Adds two new quests and a named NPC at the Cottonwood Cove docks
Adds legion spearmen but I haven't implemented them everywhere yet
Adds a small legion barge in the middle of the Colorado River.

If you have any more suggestions or any problems please let me know, as I put a LOT of time and effort into making this mod, and I don't want there to be errors with it.

Suggested mods that go really well with this one, but aren't required:
Caesar's New Regime: http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/45557//?
Caesar's Legion Overhaul NVSE: http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/36503//?
Cottonwood Cove Expanded: http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/51809//?
Increased Legion Presence: http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/35521//?

Here's pretty much everything the mod adds, with an exception of a few things I want the player to find on their own:

==New areas==
(If I get enough suggestions I may add quests, dialogue, etc. but that takes a lot of time and I think the gameplay changes are a bigger deal)
Legion Forward Camp Alpha:
A small camp of around 10 legionaries that is in front of the Legion Safehouse. It may be under attack by ferals.

Legion Forward Camp Bravo:
A medium sized camp of around 15 legionaries north east of the legion raid camp near Ranger Station Charlie. If enough people want it, I'll add a battle for this base too.

Legion Forward Camp Charlie:
A medium sized camp of around 15 legionaries that is near the bottom of the map

NCR Radio Station:
A small sized NCR camp of around 12 troopers that's under attack by the Legion.

Legion Deserter Camp:
A Legion Deserter Camp with a new boss near Nipton that you should probably check out.

Adds two tents and a couple of legionaries to the (unmarked) small legion camp close to Ranger Station Charlie.

==New Units==

Legion Sniper -
~150 HP and ~10 DT
Veteran Legionary Armor, Sunglasses
Sniper Rifle as main weapon
Machete as backup weapon
Usually sticks to the back of the battle and provides support, or is placed in positions that require more help. You may see them in guardtowers.

Praetorian Initiate -
~ 160 HP and ~14 DT
Praetorian Armor, Sunglasses
Displacer Fist as main weapon
Not as strong as the Praetorian Guards, Praetorian Initiates are legionaries that are under consideration or are backup praetorian guards. They usually guard high-ranking legionaries, but not Caesar himself.

Legion Advanced Scout -
~110 HP and ~5 DT
Legion Explorer Armor, Hoover Dam Facemask
Cowboy Repeater as main weapon
Hatchet as backup weapon
Tends to wander around outside of the camps, and usually is by themselves.

Legion Merchant
~150 HP and ~10 DT
Legion Prime Armor, no helmet
Fire Axe as main weapon
Random Prospector Weapons as backup weapons
He does not sell things yet, as it's more implied that he sells things to legionaries. Hopefully I'll be able to implement that in the future.

Legion Heavy
~300 HP and ~30 DT
Legion Centurion Armor, Metal Helmet Reinforced
Light Machine Gun as main weapon
.44 magnum revolver as backup weapon
Very rare to see on the battlefield, the Legion Heavy trooper is a match for even NCR Heavy troopers and NCR veteran rangers. They are very strong and it makes some legion base takeovers much more difficult.

Legion Scrapper
~120 HP and ~11 DT
Legion Prime Armor or (rarely) Vexillarius Armor, fiend helmet
Service Rifle or Cowboy Repeater as main weapon
Throwing Spears and Machete as backup weapon
Legion Scrappers are veteran legionaries that have killed their fair share of raiders and NCR troopers, and love to show it off.

Legion Sub Runner
~140 HP and ~14 DT
Legion Prime Armor, no helmet
9mm submachine gun or 10mm submachine gun as main weapon
Throwing Spear and Machete or 10mm pistol as backup weapon
Legion Sub Runners are essentially Prime Legionaries that have been given submachine guns

Legion Deserter
~140 HP and ~3 DT
Merc outfit, no helmet
10mm submachine gun or lever action shotgun or cowboy repeater as main weapon
machete or cleaver as backup weapon
Legion Deserters are not associated with the Legion and are part of the raider faction, and may be seen being tracked down by Legionaries or attacking Legion/NCR camps.

==Changes to the game==
Added Legionaries and NCR Troopers + Rangers to No Man's Land for a small but needed battle.
Adds a few more NCR troopers to Camp Searchlight which will be needed for their battle.
Adds legionaries that are listed above to the Fort, Cottonwood cove, the Legate's Camp, Legion Raid Camp, and other areas. Adds legion merchants to most major legion camps.
Adds some legion patrols in the south part of the map
Adds around 4 legion deserters in front of Novac and a couple of Novac Mercenaries that will try to kill them.
Nelson now has a few more legionaries, as it felt like a ghost town and was nowhere near as strong as Camp Forlorn Hope.
Added a few legionaries to Wolfhorn Ranch
Added Sub Runners and Scrappers to some spawn lists, so they may be wandering around the wasteland with other legionaries.
Added a couple of legion squads to Xander Bay where the Legionaries will be trying to kill the deathclaws there, but they can't do it without your help.

==New events==
Ranger Station Echo will now be under attack from 3 or 4 legionaries which is not a serious threat to them, but is just enough to show that the NCR is being pushed in that area.

Camp Searchlight will be under attack from around 6 legion deserters which isn't really a serious threat, mainly because the deserters are prone to fleeing. I was going to put legionaries in, but then it might ruin the experience for players who are 'double agents'.

It seems that some NCR troopers have set up a few blockades for legionaries near the Legion Raid Camp and the legion doesn't really like that idea.

There is a battle breaking out near Nipton where the legion is starting to push forward against the NCR and cut off some supply lines. The NCR has sent a force to intercept them, and the legion needs your help pushing forward! They are pretty low level to fit in with the rest of the area, and if you don't help the legion they will definitely be wiped out so it's up to the player.

There is a group of Legion Deserters being hunted down by a Legion Sniper near Nipton, you might want to go check it out.

==Known bugs==
-The Legion Snipers don't have the same dialogue as the other Legionaries, but all of the other new units have Legion dialogue. I don't know what caused this.
-The Praetorian Initates don't stay in their guarded spot if there are any attacks on it, but this will hopefully be fixed in the next update.