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Requires all DLC, NVSE, and several mods to work properly and get the full effect.

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~Requires all DLC and NVSE!~   Save file 97.9% Legit(Only using the cheat terminal in dire situations. Also if i couldn't find the ammo i needed, ANYWHERE!)
~Required mods~
AKS74U  Baby Deathclaw Commander for New Vegas  Casino UnBanner  Enclave Commander NV Edition  Endless Warfare  Factions Reloaded - Legion  Imperial New Vegas  Invisible Wall Remover  Mojave Stormtroopers - Imperial Armory  Power Armor(To let you wear power armor, early game)  Pre-war Money as Currency Remove Explosive Collar - Dead Money  Extended repair kits  Run The Lucky 38  Underwater Home  Unlimited Companions  Vault Diner and Casino  XRE - CARS v0_86  Halo 3 weapons  New Vegas Enhanced Camera

~Optional mods that i currently have in my data folder~
FalloutNV Cheat Terminal(If you want the golden PIMP Boy 3 Billion as seen in my file's images.)
Reputation fixer(Good for declaring war on another nation. Or for declaring a cease fire)

If some of the links don't work, you can always look them up on Google.

Kalos, savior of mankind. Last Remaining heir to the Brotherhood Of Steel. Leader of the Enclave. Veteran Ranger and brother to the NCR. Conqueror of the Legion. Emperor of Independent New Vegas. 

[Chapter One]THE STORY BEGINS..--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Kalos was born in an unknown Vault in San Diego, CA on November 31st 2260. From what the NCR has discovered, the vault was Unique. It housed and accommodated more then 5 million people. To keep and ecolibrium of approximately 5 million people. Every 3 years, every overseer of every city compiled a list of unproductive, lazy, unemployed citizens and kicked as many as they needed to maintain a 5mill populace,  to the curb. Had hundreds of districts, and cities that represented the cities above. It had monorail highways that connected the underground vault cities together. Each city had two Overseers and a secretary. Each district had a representative.The Vault Spanned from Southern California, all the way to Mid California. The Vault had enough food, supplies and machinery to last 1000 years. Thus the NCR Dubbed it to be Vault 0.  Kalos was born in the Chula Vista district hospital. He is of Cuban and Columbian origin. His Father Being Cuban and his mother being Columbian. One day when Kalos was 8 YRS old. 900 BoS Members blew open the San Diego Vault blast door. Looking for suitable future members of the Brotherhood of Steel. The Battle was intense with high San Diego Security Guard casualties. The BoS chewed through them like a knife through butter. Killing every citizen who weilded a gun along the way. And as they reached Kalos's apartment. His father popped out of it and killed a scribe instantly. Two BoS regulars were tasked to clear it out. As they entered the apartment. Kalos's father popped out again and lit them with a few more rounds from his AKs47u. One just laughed and said, "We're wearing power armor DUMBASS!". The other killed him with his Laser RCW. Suddenly his mother jumped on the first regular from out of nowhere. The second one took her out. As the two continued the search for children in the apartment. Kalos could not stop his whimpering. He was found hiding in a cabinet. A the found him. One regular say's "Wel well well, aren't we out of options kid. They abducted him and 712 other kids from Vault 0's San Diego districts. They treated the kids as slaves and often beat them to enstill character and structure until they arrived to their secret bunker under the remnants of USMC Camp Pendleton.

[Chapter 2]MILITARY SCHOOL BLUES------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
When the BoS convoy arrived with the abducted children. They went through several physical examination by physician scribes.Often stretching their limbs and muscles to see if they were capable to endure the hellish training and situations that followed suit.Many of the children whimpered through the process, and as they did. They would get beaten by the close watching guards.Over the years, Kalos became a nuisance to his scribes, and the guards outside the classrooms. Always making noises, distractions, and sometimes just flat out cussing out his scribes.which led to several beatings and humiliations. He became such a pest that he was under the watchful eye of the Grand elder. Whenever he decided to actually listen to his lectures and participate in events and expiraments. Kalos always took the leading role.It wasn't supriseing because most of his colleagues looked up to him. Since he was the self proclaimed badass. in his teenage years. He participated in sports and weightlifing. He became SOO powerful and strong. That when he made distractions and scenes in class.The guards learned to ignore and avoid him. Due to the countless ass beatings beforehand. Ever since Kalos was abducted, and brought to the bunker. The Grand Elder and his scribes have been watching his progress. It is to their understanding that this is no ordinary boy.This boy will be the next Grand Elder, the leader of the entirety of the Brotherhood of Steel. Through his teenage years. Kalos was given opportunity after opportunity. He became a squad leader. Then a Platoon leader. Then a company officer. In 2078, when he was 18 YRS old. There was a major dispute about him possibly being the head paladin. One side was in favor of him. Reviewing his experience and past victories in missions and battles against the NCR. Mentioning how he led his men to victory. The other side opposed him. Reviewing his rash and reckless behavior as a child and early teenager. Mentioning his, "Don't give a shit" attitude. also the fact that he was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 10 YRS old.Both sides has superb facts and backed them up well. Ultimately, the Grand Elder and his jury sided with the opposition. Even if they all liked him and looked up to him. They all respected him, but thought it was too early to give him such a strenuous position, but they all believed that he had potential to do even greater things. After the decision. Kalos shrugged it off like he didn't even care in the first place.

[Chapter 3]Reunited, and The Journey to Nevada.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just a couple days after Kalos's 20th birthday. He was assigned to lead his platoon, alongside his company and battalion. To infiltrate Vault 0 and abduct as many children as possible. Just as his company captain gave him those orders. He saw flashbacks of the same thing happening to him and his family, just at the age of 8. He remembered how much he hated living in an old bunker and classes. He missed his parents. He remembered how devastating it was to witness their deaths.His battalion was assigned to move out at the break of dawn, on the 4th of December. the trip wasn't as strenuous now. Since he was older, stronger, and much more wise. He hated to admit the fact that since he was abducted. He had the opportunity to learn much more then he ever could of while in his parents care. When his battalion finally reached Vault 0. Just below the same cliff that he saw when he was abducted. Lied the entrance. Though this time it was heavily guarded by NCR Heavy Troopers & Rangers.It looked like the NCR laid claim to Vault 0. With their two headed bears planted all around the brim of the Vault. They knew they were in for a fight. The first show rang out when a Veteran Ranger spotted their position. A Nuclear siren nearby sounded to alert near and far troopers of the impending danger. The BoS charged down the cliff in a human wall fashion. soaking up dozens of rounds. Kalos had seen many of his classmates fall to the NCR. They were no joke. Neither were their rangers. They knew where the weak spot in their power army was, even before they did.Their defence was formidable. They only lacked in manpower. The NCR 's defence eventually broke, but at a cost of high BoS casualties. As Kalos's company entered the Vault. The NCR had even greater defences inside. As the battle raged on. He saw his father's best friend. "Kalos, is that you?! What have they done to you!" He started to shake Kalos as he said that. Only to be shot by one of Kalos's men. Kalos turned around and killed the one that shot his father's best friend in rage. He knelled down to pick him up. All he could say before he bled out is that his mother survived the last attack when he was 8 YRS old. He took his platoon down many street sized corridors until he found his old apartment.What he found inside of it shocked him. It was his mother. She was alive! His men filled the apartment. Searching for children. At first his mother and here nurse were shocked and begged for their lives. He ordered his men out of the apartment and tried to show his mother that it was him.He was crying as any lost child reunited their a parent would. His mother lost  a lot of blood when she was shot and assumingly killed. She was diagnosed with an unknown mutated disease that causes her white blood cells to diminish overtime. Causing her to be susceptible to death from common sicknesses. She has to be quarantined and have a nurse at her disposal 24/7. His mother said that NCR scientists heard about her condition and met her personally. She said that the NCR are good people, have made her an NCR Citizen, and are taking good care of her. he told his mother of what happened after the abduction, his battles with the NCR, and what happened up until now. He wanted to hug and kiss his mom, but her nurse disapproved of it. He said his goodbyes and rendezvoused with his captain. The NCR were so well defended that they drove the BoS out off the vault entirely. Only to be completely surrounded by an entire NCR battalion. underestimating the tech that the BoS had. The remnants of Kalos's battalion activated their hidden stealth boys in their armor. once they gained enough distance from the vault. They became visible again. The Grand Elder was displeased with their failure. Though proud of them for escaping with so many numbers. The Brotherhood of Steel were lacking in manpower. They lost contact with several other BoS bunkers scattered along California. They only had one sole bunker in Nevada. The Hidden Valley bunker. They lost contact with them two years ago. The Grand Elder feared that the NCR already knew the location of the hidden valley bunker. Since they were so prominent in Nevada at the time. Within 3 weeks time of planning and gathering intelligence. The Grand Elder and his scribes decided to send out convoys disguised as couriers to reach out to the other bunkers. Since Kalos was regarded as a supreme leader of men amongst his peers. He was tasked with the most dangerous mission to reach our to the Hidden Valley Bunker in time. He was told that he would become the first Supreme Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Hidden Valley bunker would become the capitol bunker. Since it was also a testing site for new weapons and power armor. Kalos and his convoy of disguised couriers set out early on new year's eve. along the way they met merchants and prospectors. THe trip took them fourty days to complete. They arrived to Primm on the 11th of February. The convoy received the packages they were supposed to deliver(Since they were obligated to show that they were actual couriers by the Grand Elder.) Kalos was ordered to deliver a conspicuous package to a, "Mr. House". In the Lucky 38 on the "Strip". He didn't know what "The" Strip was. So they told him to go north until you see a lot of lights and a big tower.As Made his way up the Nevada Mojave. He was ambushed just outside of The Strip by some goons and a scumbag dressed in Pre-War clothing.

Let me know if you like my character and save file. Give me your feedback.