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A message from the future sets you on an irreversible path. What links your destiny with the planet Gallifrey? Find out now... in Fallout Who Vegas (requires NVSE - Latest Beta)

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The ORIGINAL family friendly Doctor Who Mod for Fallout New Vegas:

Stop! Wait! Before you go any further - Make sure you download Xoanon's semi-official patches and improvements mod alongside the latest build of Fallout Who Vegas (click here)


Unlock your destiny as a Space and Time Traveller in this fully interactive TARDIS, with a selection of control room desktop themes, 
a vast and mind boggling labyrinth of corridors and rooms each with unique functions.

Maintain and upgrade the TARDIS as you see fit, monitoring power, fuel, shield and hull levels as you travel.
Interact with Daleks, Cybermen, Autons, Time raiders,  as you traverse from location to location, fending off attacking vessels or 
outrunning other-worldly anomalies.

Switch to Advanced Mode for new ways to fly and manage the trans-dimensional, timey-wimey wonder that is the TARDIS. 

- Configure multiple subsystems, some required to allow primary functions to operate, some to optimise power management across the ship!
- Collect and activate up to 15 protocols, from placing attacking alien vessels into Time Loops, to surrounding the TARDIS with a time limited Extrapolated Forcefield, and much more!
- Maintain the TARDIS in greater deal, with a range of components to repair and craft, or fail the consequences and suffer Dimensional Collapses, Space Loops or the dreaded Core Overload!

Also introduced is a new and shiny companion system allowing you to recruit npc's and bring them on board your vessel, build relationships with your new assistants and have them interact and react to the TARDIS. Eventually they may leave you, so be careful about regeneration, not all companions are open minded and may not react well to your change of face!

Travel to over 80 ingame locations using a nifty Context Sensitive Response minigame to navigate the TARDIS through the Space Time 
Vortex, and go further than before by discovering planets such as Karn, home to the sisters of the Eternal Flame and Skaro, barren 
radioactive wasteland of the Daleks.

Develop new skills (Piloting, Temporal Engineering and Biochemistry) to gain access to unique Who-themed content.
Craft and equip Sonic Screwdrivers, the Master's Laser Screwdriver, Nitro 9 explosives, the alpha meson blaster from the Time Raiders 
deadly arsenal, chronodyne generators and so much more.

Find all hidden collectables around the TARDIS and custom locations from the daleks home world to the icy plains that are telos to 
unlock unique Doctor costumes and items from incarnation through to 12!
And unlock the secrets of Gallifreyan Immortality and discover the path to becoming a Time Lord, with full regenerative abilities; 
instantly randomising your physical appearance and ingame stats, or go one step further and harness the expanded telepathic abilities 
of a Time Lord...

The TARDIS now comes equiped with a whopping 6 console rooms from old and new who with more to come!
Follow a new carefully planned quest system introducing some of the universes most dangerous and deadly foes and they all want one 
thing collectively, for the courier to be killed, becareful as you progress though, crossing your timeline could have catastrophic 

Enjoy accelerated healing as a Timelord at a cost, using a stimpack might not be the best idea for them as a Timelords binary 
vascular systems are different from that of a human.
So enjoy the all new Fallout Who Vegas release kick back and relax as you sore through time and space enjoying a cold ginger beer 
whilst avoiding imminent death.

Traversing the Mojave before was fun, but now a new challenge awaits as the Daleks are coming. Save the citizens of up to 5 locations from randomly generated Dalek incursions, then take the battle to the enemy by travelling to the Dalek Saucer; a temporarily accessible post-invasion Stronghold to free captured prisoners, or even overloading the core reactor!

Not only do you now have to contend with Dalek Attacks, but they're here; monsters from every avenue - Weeping Angels, Auton Duplicates, Silurian Warriors and Cybermen now inhabit the Mojave Wasteland, so tread carefully!

Weeping Angels - Take your eyes off them for a second, and they'll home in on you! Faster, cunning and more ruthless than before, it only takes one touch for them to displace you in space and time, so never have your back to them and be prepared!
Silurians - These ancient creatures are waking up, and have only one intention; to reclaim Earth from the Ape Scum dwellers on the surface!
Auton Duplicates - The Nestene Conciousness is poised, ready to take over. With it;s duplicate plastic drones, the Autons, ready to strike, be very afraid on who you bump into.
Cybermen - The Cybermen have been hiding on Earth since the time of the Great War... and they're beginning to amass forces beyond Earth's control. Be wary of these fabled foe, or you too could end up becoming one of them...

TTW Add-On Patch

You can now take the TARDIS to the Capital Wasteland! Revisit Fallout 3 locations by combining this superb patch, created by Tock & Spyduck, with the official Tale Of Two Wastelands mod experience.

Note: We do not support Tale Of Two Wastelands mod installation


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The Foundry:

Demeggy      Founder, Lead Developer & Designer
Spyduck        Co-Founder, Lead Developer
CookieMorph        'FWV Companion' module, Scripting
JMinc                   Modelling, Animating, Texturing
Tock                    Modelling, Animating, Texturing
ChrisGriffin          Modelling, Texturing, Testing
GreatIllMotives     Design, Lead Tester
xg42                    Modelling, Texturing, Testing
ctrlAltExplode      Tester
TheGunslinger      Tester

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