Fallout New Vegas
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a nif-bashed p-90 5mm smg.

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this is a simple nif bashed p-90 smg. that i made using blender and nifskope.
it has 2 modifications.

>Laser Sighted Scope. 
-Increases critical chance and vat's hit rate. and reduces spread.
-Reduces fire power but silences the weapon. and increases crit. damage.

How to Modify the Weapon.

> You'll need the Skill Requirements to modify this weapon. (As well as my other Weapon mods)
   Guns 50 and Repair 35.

>Gather the Necessary Parts.
  Note Down Grading the weapon will result in you losing some of the item's needed i.e. Glue, tapes.

> The weapon will randomly spawn on npc's using the Assault Carbine List. as it uses 5mm as it's main ammo.
   (this does not include Super Mutants.)

>Weapon Animation Replacers the Commando. (Very important since it uses the handgrip 5 for the animation)

Final Remarks.
>This mod. also act's as Modder's Resource, so if you want to do anything to this mod just remember to credit me as the original creator.