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a rifle I made cause I really wanted to use Bullpups in New Vegas that wasn't just the P-90

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the EM-5 Bullpup Assault Rifle is a weapon that was used in the prewar by the United States department of Energy as well as the British Armed Forces, while it had issues with a brittle charging handle, it was a mighty fine rifle, and later used post-war by the Gunrunners alongside the hunting rifle

the weapon can be found on Gunrunner guards by the HQ and sold by the Gunrunners, with mods sold by Alexander

Steel Charging Handle - increased condition (50%)
Improved Breach - decreased weight (-4 pounds)
Extended Barrel - increased accuracy (a fucking lot)

otherwise its a rifle with a slower firing rate than the assault carbine BUT higher damage, geck reporting a DPS of 160

-the EM-5 was meant to have a successor, the 5A, which would see fixes to the charging handle and other refinements, however, the great war had other plans

-it's predecessors, the EM-4, was an experimental rifle that tried implementing a bore activator, had issues zeroing in and never entered full service

-served under the department of energy as a longer ranged alternative for agents to the model 633

for more of my mods & a roadmap, please check the doc