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This mod add 14 female companion NPCs. Any world on Bannerload can travel with them.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin

[Update Log]

V1.0 ~ V2.5
- Added four more characters. Svana, Ladogual were only modified from the original.
- Added two more characters. Rhagaea, Ira were only modified from the original.
- a little change
- Added Preset for Corein

V3.0 ~ V3.3
- Updated it to eliminate the inconvenience of requiring users to place the mod list.
- No longer have to place this mod at top. (Now place under Native like other mods)
- The characters are a little younger. (Rhagaea turned 37 years old)
- Some characters' personalities have changed a little. (Because of facial expressions)
- Some characters' outfits were changed.
- Minor bug fix.
- Slight changes in appearance.
- Added Equipment Set.

- Some characters' personalities and voices have changed by little.
- Uploaded a Simple version for compatibility with Total Conversion mod.

V4.0 ~ V4.5
- V1.0.1 or lower version required.
- Now contain skin files that improve skin.
- Several slight changes.
- Mela (Khuzait) has been added.
- Apolanea deleted.
- Some characters' personalities and voices have changed by little.
- Simple version bug fix.
- Uploaded a version that only includes skin files.
- Applies to Sora instead of Phaea.
- As the animation changes in V1.0.2, some characters' personalities and voices have been rolled back.
- I set their tooth as the most straight tooth.

V5.0 ~ V5.2
- Apolanea (Sturgia) is added.
- Manan (Aserai) is added.
- Ranaon (Battania) is added.
- Slight changes in appearance.
- As the animation changes in V1.1.0, some characters' personalities changed.


- Removed Svana, Manan, Ranaon.
- Ranaon's preset has been applied to Radogual.
- Slight changes in appearance and personalities.

- 'No Big Smiles' mod included. (However, it is excluded from the Simple version, so download separately if you necessary)
- Several slight changes

- The Simple version now also includes the 'No Big Smiles' mod. (Using this mod, no need to download the 'No Big Smiles' mod separately.)
- Several slight changes

- Slight change in appearance (Radogual, Apolanea)

- Several slight changes
- There are new : Elys (Vlandia), Milanka (Sturgia)

- Fixed some tiny errors.
- Applied to Milanka instead of Idrun.

- Updated due to add of No Big Smiles mod.

- Several slight changes
- Slight change in appearance (Ira, Sora, Ladogual)
- Added skin options instead of overwriting vanilla skin (for reduce CTD)
- There are new : Zuad (Aserai), Wythuin (Battania)

- Several slight changes

- Starting with version 8.0, it is added as a new wanderer, not as an existing NPC replacement.
- Added new wanderers apart from the existing wanderer system. (Wanderers added in this mode are not duplicated.)
- If you start a new game, or run the mod in the middle of a save, immediately create new wanderers in the world.
- Each name has been changed to distinguish it from the existing NPC.
- The NPCs added in this version have relatively low initial levels and skills, but get additional points.
- This option can be installed mid-playthrough.
- It will be compatible with Total Conversion mod.

- The characters' background stories have been slightly modified and added.
- 1 character has been added. There are a total of 14.
- I uploaded a file for translation separately. You can send it to me and integrate it into this mod, or you can upload it separately to Nexus.
- The equipment has been changed a little.

- The additional points of the heroes were fixed, at 1~2 attribute point and 5 focus points. (for equity)
- The heroes have with a little more attribute level.
- Fixed a NULL error that occurred when loading a save. (Please let me know if there is still.)

- If your mod list has the Hairstyles_dlx mod, it will automatically detect and modify some hairstyles. (Only valid when it is first created)

- Added some backstory.
- Now you can build intimacy with them and marry them.
- New dialogue options added.
- You can gain relationship points when talking within a settlement. (You gain additional relationship points when talking in village.)
- If you win a tournament, you can give a prize as a gift. (Must be done within one day of winning.)
- The higher the tier of the winning product, the more relationship points you get.
- Each person has a different favorite winning prize, and if they receive their favorite prize, they earn additional relationship points.
- They are affected by how long they have been with you, their relationship, attractiveness, money they have, clan tier, territory, etc.
- They each have their own personal tastes and will find you attractive if you have the traits or skills that match them.
- If you get a certain number of points, they will accept your offer for love or marriage.
- If you have more than one lover at the same time, someone will hate it.
- If you get a certain number of points, they will accept your marriage proposal, but if not, you will move on to the persuasion stage.
- Persuasion will tell you their concerns, and you need to convince them by finding evidence in yourself.
- Depending on your actions, the results may or may not change.
- I recommend using it with this mod. Hairstyles dlx

V9.0 ~ V9.1 
The template file for translation has been uploaded.
You can send it to me and integrate it into this mod, or you can upload it separately to Nexus.

Fixed a bug that could not access inventory.

- When a pregnancy event occurs due to an event, the probability changes depending on the mother's age.
- Some missing parts have been fixed.
- You can turn on Generate option in config.xml. In this case, heroes are created in random 2 people with a time interval of 1 year. It takes a total of 7 years for them to all be created.
- Fixied a problem that did not apply Spanish.
- Added Spanish Language. (Thanks for superchuky2)
- Added Turkish Language. (Thanks for turan61273)

- The pregnancy probability of pregnancy events in mod has increased slightly.
- It is safe to update from V9.2, V9.3 version.
- I did the last update on the NPC replacement version. Renaming the module name to avoid confusion with the main version. (V7.3, There will be no more support for this version.)

- The amount of meat you bring when you go hunting is determined by the tier of the clan.
- If temptation fails, actions other than hunting will not be rewarded.
- There were inquiries about Rhagaea and Ira, which were excluded from the Wanderer version, so those 2 changed their appearance as NPC Replacement like previous version. But it only changes if the NPC name and in-game id are vanilla (Not Total Conversion) that will match, so it doesn't cause compatibility issues with other mods.
- Added a conversation that shows how long been together.
- Fixed a bug the blank status was being output after the conversation.
- Added Traditional Chinese Language. (Thanks for JediSeyren)

- Fixed the problem that the button was deactivated when tried to marry with ex-spouse again.
- Added more exceptions for stability when a wanderer joins a clan.

- Added facial expressions depending on the situation.
- Fixed a bug that money earned from events would double the player's money.
- Fixed a bug that the same dialog option appeared twice.

- It is safe to update from V9.2~V9.7 version.
- Added some options for compatibility to config.xml.
- Added some code for compatibility.
- Added Italian Language. (Thanks for Reyngade)
- Added Russian Language. (Thanks for cuchulain83)
- Translation correction (Spanish, Traditional Chinese)

- Those who helped with the translation.
Spanish - by superchuky2   /   Turkish - by  turan61273   /   Traditional Chinese - by JediSeyren   /   Italian - by  Reyngade
Russian - by cuchulain83  /   Simplified Chinese - by Kora0h

Currently supported languages

English   /   Korean   /   Spanish   /   Turkish   /   Traditional Chinese   /   Italian   /   Russian   /   Simplified Chinese

[ 1 ] Wanderer Added Version

- 14 additional companions with backstories and various interactions are added.
- They have relatively low initial levels and skills, but get additional points.
- It will be compatible with Total Conversion mods. This option can be installed mid-playthrough.
- They each have different preferences, gifts, and rewards they give you.
- I recommend using it with this mod. Hairstyles dlx.

- They each have relationship point for each companion.
- It takes into account things like time spent together, relationship, attractiveness, current money, player clan reputation, etc.
- Each has their own characteristics or skills that they particularly like.
- There is a relationship bonus when you talk within the settlement. Villages have double bonuses. (Must go indoors.)
- Depending on their relationship point, they may suggest you first.

Tournament Gift
- After winning the tournament, you can gift them the winning prize. (The gift disappears.)
- The amount of relationship increase varies depending on the tier of the winning product.
- They each have different types of products they like.

Jealousy and breakup
- They will dislike you if you take another lover, get married, or do anything that might raise suspicion while you are in a romantic relationship.
- Even if you become friendly with other nobles as well as the added heroes, they will notice and be disappointed.
- The player can break up with them. The relationship changes from a lover to a normal relationship, or you end up getting divorced.
- If your relationship with them falls below a certain level, they may be the first to announce a breakup.
- In a breakup state, you have to restore your relationship with them before you can meet them again.

- You can interact with them and marry them.
- Sometimes they just accept a marriage proposal, but sometimes you need persuasion to get married.
- Your persuasiveness will increase if you give an answer based on your abilities or characteristics.
- If you succeed in persuading someone to marry you, they will bring a dowry. (Depends on your clan tier.)

- In principle, you must get married to have a child, but depending on the situation, there are situations where you can become pregnant without getting married.
- If you have certain skills, you can choose the option that has a higher chance of getting pregnant.
- When you give birth to a child, the child becomes part of your family.

- Available when your combat skill level is 150 or higher and your opponent's level is 100 or lower.
- They gain a certain amount of experience for that skill.
- Depending on your Relationship, you will progress to the next event stage.

- For each hero, there is a special event if certain conditions are met. The conditions are different for each hero and the results are also different.
- If you are hurt, you can ask them to recover. The opposite is also possible.
- If you run out of stamina at the blacksmith shop, you can ask them to recover.
- If your party runs out of food, you can go hunting.

Applied NPC List

[ 2 ] NPC Replacement Version

This version change the appearance of an existing in vanilla world's 16 NPCs.
It will be not compatible with Total Conversion mods. Needs a new game to apply.

Applied NPC List


Manual Installation
- Download the mod, and unzip.
- Drag and drop the mod folder onto the Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules directory.
- Check the mod in the game launcher.

Vortex Installation
- Download and enable, the same way as with other mods.
- It will remain the latest version except Beta version.

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