Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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About this mod

- Allow player to have probability to earn one special loot from item pools after a epic battle.
- Support custom item mod for the custom item pool

Permissions and credits
This is a simple mod. Get a special loot after a huge fight.
Whenever player encounter a battle, it will get the following stuff:
  1. Total strength of the player and enemy parties (Attacker and Defender)
  2. Party roguery skill
  3. Optional multiplier.
After that, a probability will be calculated mainly based on the strength gap between player and enemy, and some bonus point to the probability based on roguery skill.

At the end of the battle, you will may have a chance to earn ONE special loot based on the probability.

There are two special loot item pool. NO NEW ITEMS BEEN ADDED. 
  • Default Item Pool: Native items. (Default: exclude crafted item)
  • Custom Item Pool: Item with tag IsUniqueItem. Way to add item are as follow. (Let me know the other suitable way to identify custom item if there are any)

To add custom item into the Custom Item Pool:
  • Open the items.xml of the custom item (..\(custom_item_folder)\ModuleData\items.xml)
  • Copy the item id
  • Open the config.json (..\SpecialLoot\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\config.json)
  • Add the id into customItemId (You can just delete the test and test2, just let you know you can keep adding items like that)
"customItemId": [
  • Then these items will be set to true for isUniqueItem which will drop into the custom item pool
  • If you want to have higher chance to get custom item, just disable the defaultItemPool and enable customItemPool only.

There are two mode for item get (For Default Item Pool ONLY):
  • Default based on Tier, the items get would be Tier 6, but you can configure it to other Tier.
  • Based on Value, the item value is greater than a fixed value.

The roguery skill boost on probability: Default is 20 value + 1%. 

The multiplier is for those who want to have higher probability every battle. Default is 1, i.e. off.

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