Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Add an effect to a specific item that allows to summon a certain unit in battle (item and unit are configurable)

Permissions and credits
- Player and Troop can both use the effect (Default for troop is off)
- Added a item summon stone (Just throwing stone with different id and 0 damage)
- When throwing this stone in battle, it will spawn a certain unit on the place where it hits.
- These summoned unit are just temporarily.

The default summoned unit is Sea Raider Chief, but you can just change via config.json as well as the item.
If you want to add summon item and respective unit on your own, please aware only throwing weapon would have the effect, while unit don't have any restrictions.

How to test the mod: 
  1. open developer console
  2. config.cheat_mode 1 - Open Cheat Mode
  3. campaign.give_item_to_main_party throwing_summon_stone [number] - Add the item to player party
  4. config.cheat_mode 0 - Close Cheat Mode

Known issue:
  • The amount of available summon unit is always the amount of ammo minus one. 
E.g.: Stone stack: 6, Max Summon Unit: 5.

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