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A replacement of doors with natural passages to serve as entrances and exits for grottos.

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Immersive Grotto Entrances
by Hurdrax Custos
Version: 1.15

Development Journal

Update (W.I.P.)
  • The feedback so far has been so overwhelmingly constructive and insightful that I decided to keep working on this, in the form of an alternative Vanilla Plus Version. It will lean towards a light overhaul, providing some identity to each entrance/exit, making them more varied. Thank you all for the awesome response in such a short span of time, I'm truly humbled by it.


For this first project I took a conservative approach, trying to offer an immersive solution with minimal editing of both the exteriors and interiors of all eleven vanilla grottos. You can check all the technical details in the Docs tab if you're interested (click in View as plain text  for better formatting) or the video above for more background information on how it was developed. The custom model used for the interior is offered as a modders resource, with all vanilla texture variations.


  • Morrowind


  • Extract the file you downloaded into your Data Files folder or use your preferred mod manager tool.
  • Enable the plugin "IGE.esp".

IMPORTANT: If using Mines and Caverns, download the compatibility ESP, extract it to the Data Files folder and let it overwrite the default ESP.

Cleaned with tes3cmd.


If doing it manually, just delete the following from your Data Files folder:

  • 1 File: IGE.ESP
  • 2 Folders: meshes\HC  & Docs\HC

In the future, if I have other mods published and you also have them installed, just delete the following two folders to remove just IGE from your game: meshes\HC\IGE  & Docs\HC\IGE.

Compatibility & Load Order

Compatible with both Vanilla (MWSE) & OpenMW versions.

Compatible with Beautiful Cities of Morrowind.

Compatible with Mines and Caverns. Download the compatibility ESP and overwrite the default ESP. Load it AFTER M&C.

If you have any other mod that alters grottos in a more significant way (essentially moving and/or altering their entrances and exits), just let me know (see Contact section below). If I have the time, I'll be glad to make a compatibility patch tailored to your needs.


You can use, redistribute and modify this mod and its custom resources as you see fit, as long as you credit Hurdrax Custos, Vegetto, OAAB Team and Project Tamriel Team according to the Credits section below.


  • Original model used in this mod (cq_ex_entrance_01.nif) developed by the Project Tamriel Team (The Padomaic Isles).
  • Original model used in this mod (cave_door_night.nif) developed by the OAAB Team.
  • Custom Model (based on the beautiful original piece from above: cq_ex_entrance_01.nif) assembled by Hurdrax Custos. Optimized by the wonderful Vegetto.

Special Thanks

Seeing this is my first mod, this couldn't be dedicated to anybody other than johnnyhostile (private joke: an inadequate name for such a cool guy). This is for you, my brother! Thank you for introducing me to this amazing community.

  • Thanks to the amazing Project Tamriel Team. Without their talent and effort this mod - and so many others - would have never been possible.
  • Thanks to the OAAB Team, which I'm so proud to have offered a small contribution to continue its legacy.
  • Thanks to Vegetto for their awesome work on the custom model offered here as a Modders Resource.
  • Thanks to the beautiful and amazing Matriarch Danae, who I'm lucky enough to have as my mentor.
  • Thanks to Melchior Dahrk, our resident Martin Scorsese of modding. This whole thing would not have existed if not for you as well, my friend.
  • Thanks to all the mentors that donated their time for Morrowind Mastery Month. Brother Seelof, MassiveJuice, Jackimoff Wackimoff and so many others.
  • Thanks to the wonderful Modding OpenMW Squad (Colonel Gonzo, S3ctor, Sophie<3 & Ronik), to which I'm proud to work as part time secretary and main cheerleader.
  • Thanks to Bethesda for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.
  • Thanks to Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator.


Best place to reach me is at Discord (@Hurdrax Custos). I usually hang out there in servers like The Dahrk Realm, Morrowind Modding Community, OpenMW, DanaePlays, Tamriel Rebuilt and others.