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Converts the textures from the Uncompressed Textures Resource mod into a playable format, for players who want vanilla resolution textures in the highest quality available.

Permissions and credits
This is simply a conversion of the mod Uncompressed Textures Resource by revenorror into a playable format. If you would like to learn more about the method used to collect these textures you should check that mod's page, as all of the difficult work was done by revenorror, I simply converted their textures into a playable format. This can also be thought of as a more thorough version of the mod Morrowind Uncompressed Vanilla Textures since it covers textures that are not present in that mod.

As mentioned this does not alter the texture resolution at all. This is intended for use by players who wish to keep their game at vanilla resolution but
would like to use the highest quality textures available. The effect can be quite subtle, but I believe is valuable for a vanilla experience. The most notable improvements are to NPC faces which suffered quite a bit from the original game's compression. If you want a more pronounced change then you should check out mods like Morrowind Enhanced Textures or Intelligent Textures instead.

A compatibility patch for Expansion Resource Conflicts has been included, which is a mod I highly recommend using. It fixes an issue where several base game textures were erroneously overwritten by the expansions. This mod, and the compatibility patch, should be installed after that mod.

Just install via your mod manager of choice or drop the "textures" folder into your game's Data Files folder.

Recommended Mods
Expansion Resource Conflicts - Fixes texture issues caused by the official expansions, a compatibility patch is included in this mod under optional files.
WIP Detailed Correct UV Rocks - Mesh improvements and UV fixes are generally a good option for helping the original textures to shine. There are many such mods on the nexus. This one is always a must have for me.
Vanilla-flavoured Hair - Restructures the vanilla hair meshes to make better use of the textures.
Facelift (for something closer to vanilla with minor improvements) OR Familiar Faces (still mostly vanilla looking, higher quality).