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Fixes a number of texture conflicts with the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions.

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For version 2, this mod has been pared down without any loss of functionality.
The Full and Minimal options of previous versions are now obsolete.

Two new texture files in the Tribunal and Bloodmoon bsa archives have the same names as files in the Morrowind archive. These new textures are very different to the originals and are required for meshes in the expansions, but (apparently unintentionally) affect the appearance of some Morrowind meshes. This mod contains edited resource files which ensure the Morrowind meshes keep the original textures while the expansions' meshes use the new textures as intended.

Additionally, one texture in the Tribunal archive is a copy of a Morrowind file with an erroneous change, and one texture in the Bloodmoon archive has the same name as one from Tribunal, but is not used by any Bloodmoon meshes. Because loose files have priority over those within a bsa, the original textures are included with this to ensure they are used by the game.

Fully compatible with Morrowind Optimization Patch and Project Atlas.