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Allows your character to write books and make money publishing them.

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Writer of the Third Era

This mod allows your character to write books and make money publishing them.

To start writing, equip a quill from the inventory menu. You will need an inkwell in your inventory and plain paper to turn into a manuscript. Manuscripts can be 8 different genres depending on the style of writing you wish to pursue. Different genres take longer to develop into books, but can sell for more as you progress within the genre.

(In OpenMW, you can hotkey the quill.)

(Another FYI: this is not a write-your-own-book mod. It's more of a pseudo-questline where the focus is on your growth into Morrowind's bestselling author. You can also consider it a gameplay companion to whatever roleplay/playthrough you're doing since one of the genres will probably play into your character's interests/strengths.)

Selling Books

The Library of Vivec directs you to talk to booksellers. Booksellers will look at your writing, but ultimately reject it, telling you to speak to a literary agent they know.

The agent in question, Cayleigh Len, resides in the Hlaalu waistworks in Vivec. She will offer her services for a 15% cut. She provides several lines of little advice and training Speechcraft, Mercantile, and Illusion. Through her, you can sell books and receive royalties every two weeks based on the sum of the values of the books you've sold divided by 10. The royalties appear in a nearby chest, which will notify you of how many days remain until the next payment. (With the optional Tamriel Rebuilt addon, you can receive them at any bank.)

After taking her on as agent, you can teleport Cayleigh to any bookseller in Vvardenfell, as well as the bookseller in Mournhold and the Library of Vivec. Simply talk to the main person in charge and talk about "sell a book". She will stay until you leave the cell, and always returns to her original place in Vivec when needed there.

After selling the 5th book in a genre, she tasks you with completing a special sale with an interested buyer (listed below). These are short delivery quests that block further selling with Cayleigh until you complete them.

Selling your books directly will effectively lock you out of that genre with Cayleigh, so it's probably not worth it. They're worth much less, too.

Book Genres

  • Prerequisite:    Character level 2, 4, 6... for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd... book.
  • Manuscript steps:    6
  • Drain fatigue:    80
  • Special sale:    Captain Falx Carius in Fort Frostmoth

  • Prerequisite:    10, 20, 30... Speechcraft for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd... book.
  • Manuscript steps:    3
  • Drain fatigue:    65
  • Special sale:    Chuna in Balmora

  • Prerequisite:    40, 45, 50... Personality for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd... book.
  • Manuscript steps:    4
  • Drain fatigue:    70
  • Special sale:    Meryn Othralas in Mournhold

  • Prerequisite 1:    40, 45, 50... skill progress in one of 2-3 skills for the 1st & 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 5th & 6th... book.
  • Prerequisite 2:    2, 3, 4... character level for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd... book.
  • Manuscript steps:    4
  • Drain fatigue:    70
  • Special sale:    Arrille in Seyda Neen

  • Prerequisite:    Visit major towns (other than the 4 cities with existing guides) and write there.
  • Manuscript steps:    4
  • Drain fatigue:    70
  • Special sale:   Ralds Oril, a trader in Suran

  • Prerequisite 1:    40, 45, 50... Intelligence for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd... book.
  • Prerequisite 2:    Visit historical sites and locations of topical relevance and write there.
  • Manuscript steps:    7
  • Drain fatigue:    85
  • Special sale:    Master Aryon in Tel Vos

  • Prerequisite 1:    2, 4, 6... reputation for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd... book.
  • Prerequisite 2:    2nd, 4th, 6th... book requires you to interview a famous person (if they're not dead).
  • Manuscript steps:    7
  • Drain fatigue:    85
  • Special sale:    Llaalam Dredil in Ebonheart

  • Prerequisite:    Rank up in the Temple or Imperial Cult, starting at rank 0 for the 1st book, rank 1 for the 2nd, etc.
  • Manuscript steps:    5
  • Drain fatigue:    75
  • Special sale:    Uvoo Llaren in Ghostgate

Writing Limits

Developing a manuscript requires at least 50 Fatigue but ideally 100 Fatigue. Anything in between will directly affect your chance of success in completing the writing step. Endurance affects 1/10th of the chance, too. The lowest chance is 40% with 50 Fatigue and 0 Endurance. The highest is 100% with 100+ Fatigue and 100 Endurance. The average character will have a 95% chance with 100+ Fatigue and 50 Endurance.

Writing takes at least 1 hour and cannot be done in combat. This is because it brings up the rest menu. No matter how long you rest, however, your fatigue is drained to below what it was before. This depends on the genre of writing you're doing, with the amount of drain listed above. If you attempt to write between 50 and 100 Fatigue, there is a threshold on the low end where you will pass out briefly at the end of your writing session.

You can only write 10 books per genre. This is mainly for balance and a limitation of having custom titles.

Right now, a limitation of Instructional books is that you have to write the skills in the same order regardless of your character's strengths. Get training!

Other Effects

Every few books, you write a skill book. The 3rd, 6th, and 9th of each genre raises Speechcraft to reflect your ever-increasing skill with words after reviewing your work. The 10th book raises a different skill.

Every skill book you write reappears in at least 1 of the 6 booksellers' inventories so you don't miss out on skill points:
  • Dorisa Darvel in Balmora
  • Codus Callonus in Ald'ruhn
  • Simine Fralinie in Vivec
  • Jobasha in Vivec
  • Sanaso Sarothran in Mournhold
  • Bereditte Jastal in Thirsk

The 2nd, 5th, and 10th book of each genre earns you a point of Reputation.

If you've sold 5 books of a certain genre, these classes/factions may comment, replacing half the time their greetings about outfits:
  • Fiction: publican, trader
  • Verse: bard, rogue
  • Play: acrobat, agent
  • Instructional: drillmaster, barbarian
  • Travel: scout, caravaner
  • History: savant, mage
  • Biography: noble, crusader
  • Religious: Temple or Imperial Cult

Nobles will also comment if you have at least 5 reputation and make 100 gold or more in royalties. Commoners will comment if you have at least 10 reputation and make 200 gold or more in royalties.

Optional: Tamriel Rebuilt Addon

A small optional plugin adds integration with Tamriel Rebuilt.

It allows you to teleport your literary agent to 4 more booksellers on the mainland. Other booksellers will give a generic reply saying they haven't heard of her.
  • Edheldur Telrehn in Firewatch (Edheldur's Rookery)
  • Uttrashi in Old Ebonheart (Tail Tales)
  • Tilresi in Almas Thirr
  • Elar Fandas in Andothren

The plugin also provides an option to have royalties paid out at banks. There is no need to open an account or join a faction; it's simply a convenience mechanic so you don't have to return to Vivec to receive your biweekly gold. As of Tamriel Rebuilt version 22.11, that includes:
  • Briricca Private Bank in Firewatch and Old Ebonheart
  • Hlaalu Council Company Bank in Andothren


Writer of the Third Era should be compatible with almost everything. The only cell edit is to place an NPC and chest in the Vivec Hlaalu waistworks. Everything else is handled through dialogue which is written in a way to be self-contained. If a mod edits the quill, make sure to load this mod after it so the quill script stays attached to the item.

Teleporting your literary agent to bookstores and libraries does use PositionCell, so it may interfere with some interior-editing mods. I can make a quick patch for mods if you let me know in the comments that the positioning is wrong.

Mods confirmed to be compatible without a patch:


Feel free to leave a comment on other features you think would work with this concept. Here are a few I would like to add in the next version:
  • Further TR integration: alternative books you can write for travel guides, some historical places, one or two biographies, etc.
  • Optional add-on to enable books placed in bookstore and library cells as you write them.
  • An 11th "magnum opus" per genre. For example: a historical treatise on the disappearance of the Dwemer once you have written 10 historical books and have completed the related Mages Guild quest.
  • Ability to sell Instructional books out of order, so you can write about your strengths first. Possibly include support for modded skills.
  • More non-gold rewards interspersed through each genre.
  • Writer's block to prevent overwriting and writer's inspiration to add small buffs for a few hours after writing.
  • Some way to connect Hasphat Antabolis as a requirement for writing a historical treatise.
  • A small interior agency connected to Vivec's Hlaalu waistworks, rather than having Cayleigh out in the plaza.

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