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Warns you when you enter and leave the unreleased Preview lands of Tamriel Rebuilt. Includes instructions on how to create your own up-to-date TR_Preview using the publicly available development files.

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Preview Warning for Tamriel Rebuilt

This is a mod for Tamriel Rebuilt's former TR_Preview that displays a brief warning whenever you cross the border between released and unreleased content.

If you've ever explored the edges of the released mainland content, you may have ventured a little too far into an area with no NPCs or no interiors. The warning you get with this mod's script running will keep you informed so that you can choose to turn back. It works for all land and sea borders, whenever you enter unreleased Velothis or the southern Hlaalu and Dres lands.

As of version 22.11, Tamriel Rebuilt no longer ships TR_Preview as one merged plugin. However, you can still create your own TR_Preview using in-dev "section files". This page explains how to do that and continue using this warning mod.

Creating Your Own TR_Preview

You can use Tamriel Rebuilt's in-dev section files to substitute for the lack of TR_Preview. The release files page on the TR website is publicly viewable and the downloads are hosted on individual developers' Google Drives.

1. Go to

2. Go to each of these section files and download the latest file version under "Release File Content" on the left sidebar:

The exact set of files you want will change over time. You can also try out the Firemoth Section in place of Siege at Firemoth, and the Islands section to see Olanar and Vounoura in Telvannis.

3. You will need to download the Tamriel_Data Addon from GitHub as development continues on the next TR release. Install this safely with Wrye Mash or Mod Organizer 2 because the files change often.

4. Extract the .esp files into your Data Files directory and use them as you would any other mod. Section files occasionally come bundled with a small group of assets, which later get merged into the Data Addon. Install these as you would the Addon if you wish to not see missing meshes.

WARNING 1:  These files are prone to making the game unplayable at times because severe script or dialogue bugs can pop up during development. The easiest fix for this is to download an older file from the section files list. The most severe bugs are often fixed in the next file version.

Another option, if you must have the latest and greatest landscape, is to wipe all SCRI, DIAL, and INFO records from the file using a utility like Tes3cmd. You may have to resave in the Construction Set to fix missing script errors.

WARNING 2:  The land of exterior cells near section borders may vanish due to dirty edits. These can be fixed with Esp-QuickEditor, though it is rather difficult and you need to refer to the latest internal Gridmap to see the intended section file borders. Again, try an older file version or wait for a periodic dirty edit cleanse to happen.

WARNING 3:  Use of these files is at your own risk. There is a chance that your save game or even game installation could break by using them. At the time of writing this, TR does not officially recommend or endorse using section files in place of TR_Preview. I cannot speak for TR and am simply providing instructions on how to substitute for a now-missing feature of the mod.

Please do not ask me, and especially not the TR team, for further help on this method. Submit bug reports related to section files on the Tamriel Rebuilt bugtracker.

Optional: Immersive Messages

An alternate version below the main download uses more immersive messages than the default, which is, "You are entering/leaving Tamriel Rebuilt preview lands."

Entering: "These strange new lands you enter have a desolate look to them. You get the feeling that your adventures do not take you this way right now."

Leaving: "As you leave the empty lands behind you, you feel a renewed sense of purpose."


Load order doesn't matter, since the mod doesn't technically require anything except Morrowind.esm. However, the script is written for the Preview borders as of the 22.11 release. I will try to keep updating this mod soon after landmass releases.

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