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I forgot to mention two things in the readme: first, you need Tribunal to use this mod; second, you can't have more than three slaves actively following you around. This was done for both balance and scripting reasons, as having more than three followers screwed with the AI.

Also, the mod
is compatible with Brother Juniper's Twin Lamps. I recommend using the two together.

     To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Fliggerty's Slave Mod. It's a fantastic mod, but I always thought it overcomplicated things. Live Free attempts to make Morrowind's slave system as useful as possible without putting the burden on the player to sift through menus and micromanage your companions. To this end, Live Free focuses on two main points:

  1. You can buy any slave who is up for sale and steal any slave who isn't. If you go to a slave market, be assured that every slave there is actually available. If you want a slave without coughing up 1000 drakes, you can take any slave whose bracer you have the key to. You can also sell slaves at the slave markets.
  2. The slaves that you can buy all have a new companion AI (based on Grumpy's original, but with several additions). In addition to all of the standard warping, water walking, and whatnot that you are used to, the slave AI is designed to allow effective party-based combat.

Acquiring Slaves

     Buying slaves is handled exactly as it was in vanilla; you just talk to the slavemaster to buy a slave. There's no third party that you have to talk to between the merchant and your purchase; you talk to the guy and get your slave. Efficiency at work.

     If you don't want to buy a slave, you can always steal them from elsewhere. If you have the key to any slave's bracers, you can use the new third option under the "go free" dialogue to take control of the slave. The Skeleton Key will now work as the key for any slave, so any master thieves out there can steal (or free) as many slaves as there are in game.

     Assuming you have an itch to join the Mafia, you can now also sell your slaves to the merchants in
slave markets. The slavemaster will give you 500 drakes a pop. This is fo' shizzle.


     The first time you buy or steal a slave, you are presented with an option to modify all of their attributes. If any are high enough, the attribute menu will be followed by two "proficiency" menus, where you can select the slaves' weapon and magic priorities. A governing attribute needs to be above 50 for the slave to be proficient with a weapon or magic school. For instance, only having Strength above 50 will give you the options for prioritizing Axe, Blunt Weapon, and Long Blade; having Willpower above 50 as well will give you a second menu, where you can decide between Alteration, Destruction, Mysticism, and Restoration. You get to choose one weapon proficiency and one magic proficiency for each slave, and you can never "re-pick" them for a given slave. Keep in mind that your slaves don't *have* to have skill proficiencies; you can still have especially weak slaves.

     Based on their weapon and magic proficiencies (though also taking into account Fortify Skill effects), slaves will receive a relatively random selection of spells. Restoration-focused characters will usually have options to heal you and fortify your attributes, while Conjuration-focused characters generally have summoning spells and a Bound Weapon spell (based on their weapon proficiency). Slaves will now use their spell selection intelligently; an illusionist will cast a Chameleon spell on you when you sneak, a "clerical" mage will try to heal you (and himself) and cure you of diseases and poisons, and a Destruction mage will even use that "Drain Intelligence 100 pts. for 1 second" exploit when you run low on Magicka. It will work with MCP as well, if you are worried about that. You can see all of the spells your slaves possess by using the "Read me your spellbook" option in dialogue.

     In addition to effective use of magic, slaves have many new features to make them a useful ally rather than a permanent escort quest. The first of this is the Travel menu, inspired by Antares' work. Right under the "Commands" dialogue option is a travel menu, which allows you to send your slaves to any major city on Vvardenfell (as well as Mournhold and your stronghold). They appear in that location the next day.

     In terms of combat effectiveness, both mages and non-mages are significantly improved. A slave will prefer to use his "proficient" weapon type, followed by the others in order of the slave's governing Attributes. If a slave is proficient in Marksman and has Strength of 70, an Agility of 56, an Endurance of 45, and a Speed of 20, his weapon selection will happen in the following order:

  1. Marksmanship weapons
  2. Blunt weapons/Long blades/Axes
  3. Spears
  4. Short blades/unarmed
     Between weapons in the same category, a slave will choose the better weapon of the options at hand. A slave's armor choice is selected based on armor skills' governing Attributes: Endurance for medium and heavy armor, Agility for light armor, and Speed for unarmored. Slaves will tend to position themselves in the best possible location for their weapon type.

     This new equipment selection AI was added in place of the old dialogue options. I didn't like them.
     It isn't just combat that has been improved, however. Every other day, a "stationary" slave will have a slim chance (based on Luck and appropriate skills) to have class-specific items added to his inventory. For characters with high Intelligence, Willpower, or Personality, this means that the character can get magic items: potions, scrolls, soulgems, and other non-overpowering objects. For characters with high Agility, these items would probably include thief-related things (lockpicks, probes, lockpicks).

     There are more AI-related features, but nothing that you have to manage. This is all done with the intent of making Live Free's slaves the most convenient companions you've never escorted to the Fields of Kummu.

Installation and Compatibility

     Installing the mod is really very easy. Just put the ESP file in your "Data Files" folder and check the file in your Morrowind launcher. Hell, you could just use the Nexus Mod Manager. It all works.

     Live Free requires Morrowind and Tribunal. You don't need MWSE, MGE, MWE, or any other acronym you can think of. The mod is compatible with anything that doesn't change the three unused slave traders (Live Free doesn't affect Savile Imayn) or Yakov. I only changed Yakov because he didn't actually have the slave script attached to him. Mods that change the slave script, "slavescript", will also conflict with Live Free, as will mods that change the "go free" dialogue. Anything that changes the slaves themselves should be completely fine, though I have not tested the Twin Lamps mods yet.

Credits and Permissions

    I have to thank Grumpy and Zerocyde for their work. This mod's AI is based off of their scripts. I'malso going to thank Fliggerty, as his original slave mod was very nice.

You may use any resources from this mod as you wish, but with the following two restrictions:
  • You must give me credit proportional to the final work.
  • If you use any resources from this mod, your mod must also be free for modders to use. We can always use more free resources.