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This is a high-resolution texture pack for Morrowind. It currently includes 457 textures and a small number of modified meshes. It replaces my older 'Structures', 'Soils' and 'Sundries' retexture packs.

The photographs used in the creation of these textures were taken by me and are unique to this mod.

Permissions and credits

The successor to Swiveller's Structures, Soils and Sundries. By Mr. Swiveller.

Pre-release, August 2019


This is a high-resolution texture pack for Morrowind. It currently includes 457 textures and a small number of modified meshes.

It covers:

- Cabins/Shacks;
- Common/Imperial architecture (Caldera, Ebonheart etc);
- Daedric architecture (Daedric temples);
- Dunmer strongholds;
- Hlaalu architecture (Balmora, Suran etc);
- Redoran architecture, including Skar (Ald'ruhn etc);
- Sewers;
- Velothi architecture (Vivec, tombs etc).

- Ascadian Isles
- Ashlands
- Azura's Coast
- Bitter Coast
- Grazelands
- Molag Amur
- West Gash

- Barrels
- Chests
- Dunmer banners (excluding the Ashlander banners)
- Furniture (incomplete)
- Shrines (incomplete)
- Signs (incomplete)

I am planning to add textures for the Telvanni mushroom towers and Dwemer ruins in the future.


Merge the Meshes and Textures folders with those in your Morrowind 'Data Files' directory ('basedata' if you installed the game using OpenMW).

Note #1

If you are using Linux or FreeBSD, your file system is likely case-sensitive. This means that if you have installed other texture and/or mesh-replacers, some of those files may not be overwritten, which in turn may cause old textures and/or meshes to appear in-game.

Note #2

Note that this pack will also overwrite a small number of Vurt's textures, used in his Bittercoast tree packs and possibly elsewhere. If you wish to prevent this from happening, remove the textures whose names start in vurt_ from the Textures folder before merging.

Note #3

The 'vanilla' Morrowind engine will not display your location properly on the in-game map if the _land_default texture is larger than 256*256 pixels in size. This is why the default version of this texture which is included with this pack only has a 256*256 resolution. I believe the Morrowind Code Patch resolves his issue; OpenMW does not have this problem at all.

A high-resolution version of _land_default is included in the Textures sub-folder '_land_default high resolution'.


* Photography, editing and painting: Mr. Swiveller.

* Original designs for banners, shrines, signs (including the Vivec canton signs) and a number of the Daedric textures: Bethesda. Please be aware that Bethesda owns the copyright for these designs.


You can use these textures for your own Morrowind mods as long as
(1) you credit me as the maker of the textures that you used;
(2) your mod does not endorse or promote real-world political viewpoints;
(3) your mod is not an 'overhaul' or texture replacer.

Please do not upload this texture pack to other sites.