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Instead of blue, skies will be more orange/purple/green/teal depending on the weather.

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If you are using morrowind.exe, please see Different Sky Colors for Morrowind.

Different Sky Colors 1.3 for OpenMW


Instead of blue, skies will be more orange/purple/green/teal depending on the weather.

Has two components: Texture replacer that changes the sky's appearance (recolored versions of the original Morrowind textures) Game settings change that changes the colors of various weather and fog effects.

You can use one or both.


This is a texture replacer mod, so there is no .esp file.

It will only conflict with any mod that also replaces sky textures or weather settings.


Add the directory name of where you unpacked the archive in your openmw.cfg data section.

Weather Colors:

Copy the content of the file "CFG settings.txt" (or the darker variants, if you prefer) in your openmw.cfg file.

It is important you copy the new lines BELOW the existing fallback lines.


Textures: Remove the data= line you added from the openmw.cfg file.

Weather Colors: Remove the fallback lines you added.


Do whatever you want with this mod (upload, modify, whatever).

Special thanks to Cryonaut, for first coming up with the idea of changing sky
colors.  Thanks povuholo, for reporting the bugs in version 1.0.

Ezze recolored snow and blizzard, the new weathers of Bloodmoon and tidy up the mod for the OpenMW format.


- Added dark, darker, and darkest variants. Removed rows that just repeated the default values. Thanks to the improved way OpenMW manages the INI values there is no need a specific file for ASE anymore. Just keep the ASE values separated.

- Added ini-edits for the new weathers from Bloodmoon: snow and blizzard.

- Fixed a mistake in the INI settings that increased the Disease Chance in blight storms.
- Corrected an oversight in the INI settings that made this mod depend on Atmospheric Sound Effects.  There are now two different versions of the INI tweaks: one for Atmospheric Sound Effects users and one for the original Morrowind.