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Overhaul of the beautiful city of Suran

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With this mod I continue my mission to combine and revamp old mods that were great but flawed.

This time around it’s the turn of Suran. In my opinion, Suran doesn’t need a huge overhaul but just a little bit more details and a slight expansion.

To achieve this, I combined Docks of Suran and Suran Waterfront.

What has been done:

  • Docks of Suran and Suran Waterfront are now merged into a single esp and have been tweaked to work together
  • Massive cleaning of Suran Waterfront
  • Removed some lore-breaking elements like the oil plantation and the oil extractor.
  • Suran Waterfront has been made completely compatible with White Suran: interior and exteriors are both covered.
  • The new area added by Suran Waterfront has been heavily tweaked. Originally, the stone blocks were not tiling properly and they ended abruptly with two stones convering the end. Now they tile properly and I scavanged for resources until I found the right one (made by the TR team) that allows for a proper closure of the new section.
  • Declutter of the docks: while Suran it’s a trading hotspot, the amount of clutter was still very excessive compared to any other location even when using mods like Dockside dockclutter.
  • Removed some questionable elements from Docks of Suran like the statue in the central plaza. For an explanation as to why statues should be placed thoughtfully you should check this out.
  • Reduced the number of lanterns and light sources placed around: they are scenic, yes, but they don’t make much sense and are bad for performance.

I hope I achieved what I wanted and that you’ll enjoy the mod.

Important note
The White Suran version of the mod also includes the ground textures so you don't need to activate "White Suran Ground Textures.esp". 

Suggested mods:
To really bring your Suran experience to the next level, I suggest you also use these:
Atmospheric delights
White Suran temple addon: if you use the White Suran version (merged in the "White Suran Complete" optional file)

Note: Landscape Waterfalls has been patched on request but I don't think it's a good mod and so my recomendation is to skip it.

As of version 1.3 every single issue with the mod has been fixed, I added ownership to every container and there's also a Vanilla style textures version!

- Complete rewrite of the new dialogue, thanks to Orion for giving me a hand with this.
- Toned down the "nordic" theme of the new bar.
- The striderport now has a more unique design plus a warehouse to enhance the idea of Suran being a trading hotspot
- New beautiful well added to Suran (using a Lougian's resource)
- Minor fixes and tweaks

Merged the mod with the latest update of Concept art Hlaalu Balconies and added an optional esp called "White Suran Complete" for those using White Suran. This is a convienece esp that merges the following mods together:
- WhiteSuran - MD
- White Suran - White temple and roadmarkers addon
- Concept art Hlaalu Balconies - White Suran
- Suran - The pearl of the Ascadian Island - White Style