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A small expansion for Sadrith Mora focusing on adding new merchants that provide services the town lacked, such as a bookseller. Includes a small player house and one new quest, as well as some unique dialogue for the new NPCs.

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The Merchants of Sadrith Mora
by Lucevar

A small expansion for Sadrith Mora that focuses on adding merchants whose services were either missing or poorly covered in vanilla Sadrith Mora. 

  • Bookseller - Sulis Maryon lets his slave R'Zardan handle the mundane aspects of running a book store, for the most part. He spends the time he saves getting to know his well-heeled Telvanni customers in his comfortable lounge upstairs, and seeks to gather a set of wealthy intellectuals as patrons.
  • Baker - A humble Dunmer Baker selling the freshest bread available in Sadrith Mora.
  • Enchantress - Adara Omayn, a somewhat eccentric enchantress, sells trinkets, scrolls, and soul gems, with the assistance of her faithful old slave Sweeps-Good.
  • Tailor - Galar Ilvayn has the best prices in town, and the very finest clothes. How does he do it? Nobody knows, but a lot of people are suspicious.
  • General Trader - Felarave Indaneth isn't Hlaalu, although people who don't like him very much are inclined to say he resembles them closely. He's friendly, but ruthless, and always on the look out for a good bargain.
  • A Watch Post for the town guard, where rowdy drunks are thrown to calm down, and the guards can put up their feet and have a game of cards in between shifts.
  • A small player home (Sadrith Mora Backstreet Pod -- do not use both mods!)

There is one small quest to investigate how Galar Ilvayn can always offer the best prices in town. What is he hiding?

Should be compatible with most Sadrith Mora mods, including:
  • Epic Sadrith Mora
  • Sadrith Mora Expanded
  • Hospitality Papers Expanded
  • Closed City of Sadrith Mora

  • Sadrith Mora Backstreet Pod (included in this mod!)
  • Lougian's Sadrith Mora Alterations (minor clutter conflicts)

Leyawynn for creating the new hat for me when I was streaming, way back when