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Completely overhauls the notoriously confusing Wolverine Hall in Sadrith Mora.

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Wolverine Hall Overhaul
by mort

Completely overhauls the notoriously confusing Wolverine Hall in Sadrith Mora.
Included in Better Cities of Morrowind (BCOM)!


The problems:
*cracks knuckles*
-The int had a lot of useless wall interiors that only served to turn it into a maze
-The faction ints were stacked on top of each other separated via spiral staircase. 
-The only way into those ints (other than the IC) was through the maze.
-The MG has 7 people and no beds
-Both MG and FG are tiny one room cramped areas
-The Legion has no barracks
-The Legion has no jail despite this being a prison marker location
-The FG had the stolen items container due to that

The solutions:
-Wall ints removed. They serve no purpose.
-MG and FG are now their own buildings. 
-Every guild is accessible from the outside, the MG and FG you can enter from 3 seconds upon crossing the bridge into the keep.
-The MG has another floor with bunkbeds (2 stories)
-The FG (which had beds) now has a training area and forge (2 stories)
-Multiple ways in and out of every guildhall
-The legion has a barracks and a jail now (replacing the previous guildhalls in the main keep
-One of the pointless spiral staircase segments was removed.

Fixed vertex shading thanks to chef


-Merge data files and check the box in your mod manager, you know what to do by now hopefully

TR yes
Rebirth yes
If these AREN'T compatible let me know

send me a PM so I can see what you do with it, I'll always say yes but I'm always curious what projects people are up to
if I can't be reached, use it for whatever

petethegoat for playtesting
chef for fixing my vertex shading