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A mod that expands the city of Sadrith Mora with different aditions including an upper district in the vacant area behind Tel Naga.

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French Translation at: www.Confrerie des

This mod aims to fill in different vacant areas in the Telvanni Capital of Sadrith Mora, making it feel more like the heart of Telvanni power on Vvardenfell.

Now with a new optional file, fully compatible with Epic Sadrith Mora by mikeandike.

Changelog 12/04/2016
Mod have been cleaned using TES3CMD
New TR version for Epic Sadrith Mora Expanded added

Changelog 30/10/2017
Updated Tamriel Rebuilt Alternatives to work with Tamriel_Data.

The mod in it's whole currently adds an Upper area for the city like the ones you would find in Port Telvannis, altough to a much lesser extent, to avoid conflicts with mods that changes the ground beneth such as Morrowind Rebirth.
The Upper City contains both some common houses aswell as new manors of influential telvanni families such as the Dral family.
New shops include one Bookseller, Enchanter, Fine Clothier, Armorer and an Outside Bar.
There is also a new House Dres Consulate, that conducts business with the local Telvanni. New back entrance to Tel Naga added.

Other than the new Upper District, a new Dock Administration building have been added to the docks. A new plantation takes up the empty spot just north of the Council Hall. There is a new EEC warehouse outside of Wolverine hall. Wolverine Hall now also has it's own Knight Protector which it always should have had. Ironically she is a member of the Dral family and thus a Telvanni puppet.

The mod is 100% fully compatible with Morrowind Rebirth, 100% with RoHT and UL. The mod was acually designed in such a way so that it could be used with Rebirth for a flawless gaming experience.

For users of Tamriel Rebuilt, be sure to use Sadrith Mora Expanded TR.ESP  if you want new additions from the mainland to the Dres Consulate, and actually make the real members of the House. Requires Tamriel_DATA.esm and TR_Mainland.

If you have Epic Sadrith Mora by mikeandike, be sure to download the optional file of my mod and load it AFTER EpicSadrithMora.esp
Otherwise just use the regular esp in my Main File. TR Version have been added and updated.


Notes: pictures were taken using Morrowind Rebirth, to show off the compatability.

Im always open for new suggestions.
Endorse if you like it. Cheers