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Gnisis overhaul based on the amazing HOTV Gnisis but more compatible and with better performance.

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When I tried the incredible HOTV Gnisis, I was disappointed to find out that it was highly incompatible with a lot of other mods due to massive landscape and interior cell edits.

Also, my FPS in Gnisis were terrible so I couldn’t even enjoy the mod porperly.

Since I loved some of the elements of it, I started working on a mod that would include some of the best bits while being highly compatible.

This mod adds some elements from HOTV Gnisis:
- the the new temple, the rotunda, the minaret, the arm hanging from the arch and the concept art hut

AND some elements from Gnisis Expanded:
- the waterfall, the improved fort design and some new huts

Another little (and underrated) mod that has been included is Cavern Tavern by Gravilio.

So, here we are. The mod is compatible with pretty much everything, no edits needed.

One mod that I found to be (slightly) incompatible is Mamaea Awekened, and there’s a patch provided as an optional file (it's an esp replacer so you need resources from the original mod but only the esp provided here).

The mod is now smaller in both size and scope.

The mod has been redone from the ground up, using the original Gnisis Remaster as a base instead of the tweaked version made by Zobator.
I took the original mod and simply cut almost everything apart from the scenic bits so there's no new quests or player home. 
This is now mostly a cosmetic addition to the game instead of a bigger overhaul of the Gnisis exprerience.
This was done for multiple reasons but the main advantage of this new version is that not having quests also means fewer bugs and conflicts with other mods.

Can’t stop working on Gnisis apparently.
This update makes this mod effectively a lightweight, more compatible HOTV fork. More elements from HOTV Gnisis have been implemented to make Gnisis closer to the concept art drawing.
I had to make a couple of landscape edits unfortunately. The edits are minimal, but they still require grass patches.
I provide you with patches for Remiros groundcover, supposed to be used alongside my Balmora mod.
There are two esp: one for people only using Balmora - Seat of Power and of for those using it alogside the StoneWood pass.
If this is a dealbreaker for you, just use version 2.0.

HOTV Team: ideas and assets
Darkfri: assets optimization
Gravilio: Cavern tavern