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Yet another hair replacer.

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Judjing from majority of screenshots on Nexus most of players (including myself) who use MacKom's heads also use an adapted version of Westly's hairpack.
With all due respect to Westly's creation - best for it's time - those hairs are slightly less realistic than MacKom's heads and thus create an undesireble contrast. For me it is like all and every in Morrowind are wearing wigs. So I have contacted Kalilies, Apachii and bbdlqek1 for their permission to convert ther marvoluos haircrafts into Morrowind. Also big thanks to Nuska. And so here it is. I won't say that this is better than Westly's, it just an another attempt to make Morrowind to look like it deserves.

This is a pluginless replacer. All you need to do is to unpack the 7z archive into your Data Files directory. You may wish to make a bakcup first. All humanoid races and all hairs from Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon are covered. All hairs are earless so you need a MacKom's heads for using it.

While working on this replacer I tried to maintain as much cultural and racial features as possible.
For example for Nords I choose hairstyles that may be considered scandinavic or slavic, complex and fashionable haircrafts for Altmeri females, tribal iroquoises for Orcs and so on. Same with hair colors: there is no blond Orcs, Redguards and Dunmer, black is rare for Altmer and Nords, and blood-red are unique for Dunmer.

Note that none of the meshes nor textures were made by me. They all were converted from Apachii's ApachiiSkyHair, Kalilies' KS Hairdos made for Skyrim and Nuska's OblivionCharacterOverhaul v2 made for Oblivion.

Also some Bosmers on screenshots have horns - they are not included - those are my personal mod that use original assets from Skyrim so I'll never get a permission to upload.

As always I'm happy to get any feedback. If you think that some particular hairstyles or colors did not fit feel free to share your thoughts. I'll consider any suggestions.