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Added: 25/03/2016 - 12:33PM
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Last updated at 17:36, 25 Mar 2016 Uploaded at 12:33, 25 Mar 2016

An "offshot" of my races redone mods. All races got some kind of visual treatment except Khajiit, so I decided to give them an overhaul as well. Default replacer with BB type body mesh (that has been patched together/remapped to reduce number of used textures). Hairs included as well. ESP file provided is all you need (no other esp. required). So, if you are using New beasts replacer, make sure you load my esp file *AFTER* that one.

Credits go to Psychodog studios for original BB meshes and Hrchnamd for editing
the neck area and general head-to-toe fitting.
Alien Slof for body texture bases (which I  heavily repainted to fit everything together).
LizTail for better beasts body mesh.
Mitch the cat for modelling (when he was in the mood).