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Add as Luck-based Critical Strike mechanic reminiscent of one in Daggerfall.

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With this mod, any attack, no matter if Player's or some other actor's, which has hit its target will have a chance to be upgraded to a Critical Hit, dealing much more damage than usual. The Critical Hit chance depends on the Attacker's Luck attribute:

Crit Chance(%)= ((Luck / 100) ^ 3 / 2)
(meaning, with 40 starting Luck your Crit Chance would be around 3%)

The Critical Hit damage is first multiplied by a base value (configurable in Mod Configuration Menu, 3 by default) and then by the weapon's Speed rate (varies from 1.0 for most weapons to 2.5 for daggers):

Crit Damage = Base Damage * Base Crit Mult * Weapon Speed


The latest MCP and MGE XE
The latest development version of MWSE 2.1

MWSE 2.1-dev requires MGE XE 0.10 or higher!