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Saint_Jiub - fixed and optimized by Pherim

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Fixed and optimized version of Saint_Jiubs "HiRez Armors - Native Styles V2" that was only available in the old Bethesda forums

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HiRez Armors - Native Styles V2 by Saint_Jiub was only available in a thread in the now-defunct old Bethesda forums, and while the link is still valid, it may be a bit difficult to find now. Also, the textures were uncompressed and thus quite large, and some of the meshes had minor issues like incorrect filter modes for bump maps.

This version includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • Compressed all textures
  • Removed unnecessary NiKeyFrameControllers and duplicate NiTextureEffects
  • combined shapes with the same textures
  • changed bump map filter mode to FILTER_TRILERP where necessary
  • removed orcish cloth normal map references from glass armor meshes (not included in V2 and not needed in my opinion)
  • added from V1
  • Added (made by Stuporstar for his "Smooth Glass Weapons" mod), which is used by some meshes and a normal map for it (made by abelthorne)

Because of the bump-mapping on the glass and indoril armors, you need  Morrowind Code Patch, specifically the "Bump/Reflect map local lighting" fix.

Use Wrye Mash or Mod Organizer 2, or extract the folders into your Morrowind installation's Data Files folder.

If you used Mash or MO2, use that to uninstall. If not, well, have fun manually deleting the files. ;)

Saint_Jiub permitted using the files from the original version of his mod in any way, except just uploading the entire unchanged archive somewhere else. So, the same applies to this version.

Original description by Saint_Jiub:


[Too tired/lazy to do this tonight, I'll try to upload some tomorrow]

Morrowind Code Patch (for reflections)

As promised, here's version two of my replacer for the Dunmer armors. As many of you know, version one was plagued by missing textures and other graphical oddities, which, after nearly a year, I have finally fixed. All armors affected by this mod should now be complete.

The armors affected by this mod are as follows:

Bonemold (all styles)
Netch Leather (both styles)
Bonemold Chuzei Helm
Redoran Master's Helm
Redoran Watchman's Helm
Morag Tong Helm
Telvanni Cephalopod Helm
Telvanni Dust Adept Helm
Telvanni Mole Crab Helm

You may notice that this edition lacks the Dwemer armor textures that were included in the first release, this is because I am no longer supporting that part of the mod, I use the infinitely superior on MW Nexus and suggest that you all do the same. My textures can still be found in the v1 release on MW Nexus, if for some reason you want them, but as I said I no longer consider them part of this mod.

It's very late at night right now for me, so there's a decent chance that a texture or two failed to make their way into the archive. Please let me know if you catch any further glitches.

You may feel free to do whatever with these textures, so long as you credit me in your readme and/or mod description. The exception is uploading this archive to other sites in its current state.