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More Realistic Dwemer Armor

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More Realistic Dwemer Armor v 1.1

Adding to the already long laundry list of dwemer textures is this new addition.

It matches all the rest of the Dwemer armor textures to the steam centurion. so now more than the boots are changed. use this along with the original steam centurions pack is you want the armor to match.

I also changed some of the accoutrements on the armor, so it is a lot less decorative, and more believable. it still looks like dwemer armor, but now instead of looking like yellow foam rubber with bits of gum, foil wrappers and sheet metal nailed to it, it actually looks like real metal. (lets give dwemer some credit, they were handy with more than just dental floss and bubble gum...)

anyway, this will probably be the first and last edition of this texture. (barring any really huge mistake i missed)

i am also including this in my Morrowind dwemer Machines texture project, it will be in the next update.