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This mod fixes the visual issues with bump maps when using Hirez Armors Native Styles V2 with OpenMW.

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HiRez Armors Native Styles V2 for OpenMW

Original meshes and models by Saint_Jiub/spaceinvader91
Updated for OpenMW by abelthorne

When using the HiRez Armors Native Styles patch with OpenMW, some armors have wrong shining effects because of the way OpenMW uses bump maps differently than the Morrowind Graphics Extender.
This mod fixes the issue. It includes only the affected armors (Glass & Indoril) and you'll need to use it on top of the original mod.

HiRez Armors Native Styles V2 is not easily available, you'll have to grab it with some fixes on Bethesda's forums ( On mods sites like NexusMods, you'll find V1. This mod should work with it too, though it has not been tested.

To install it, extract the archive where you usually put your mods for OpenMW and add a data line to your openmw.cfg with the path to the directory containing the meshes and textures after the line for the original armors. E.g., it should look similar to this:

data="/home/abelthorne/.local/share/openmw/mods/HiRez Armors- Native Styles V2"
data="/home/abelthorne/.local/share/openmw/mods/HiRez Armors- Native Styles V2-OpenMW"

The mod is pluginless, you won't have anything to enable in the OpenMW launcher.