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HQ indoril armor replacer, indoril greaves + implementation

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Founded early in the First Era, House Indoril has always been a political powerhouse. Orthodox and conservative in our beliefs and  outlooks, we have always been firm proponents of traditional Dunmer customs and practices. For House Indoril, religion stands as our most cherished institution. We revere our blessed ancestors. We honor the Good Daedra, specifically Boethiah, Mephala, and Azura. And we celebrate the saints, including Veloth and Aralor. House Indoril believes that Dunmer culture must be preserved at all costs. Change is the enemy of tradition, and it will weaken our strong foundation if we allow it to take root.

— Andor Indoril, Grand Historian of House Indoril —
57th Year of the Golden Peace

Indoril armor is one of the best medium armor sets in vanilla morrowind and arguably the best looking armor to get your hands on. This mod attempts to give the armor a more updated look along with a couple of extras. All of this is based upon the work of the talented Russian modder CemKey in his Remodeling of Indoril Armor mod.

In short, this mod does the following:
  • HQ skinned meshes of the indoril armor set
  • Add indoril greaves and implement them ingame.
  • Seamless integration with Tamriel rebuilt (TR indoril greaves are replaced with better looking ones + HQ unique indoril helmet)

What exactly has changed from CemKey's work:
  • Translated the esp from Russian to English
  • Changed helmet UV's to work with HiRez Armors - Native Styles (which is therefore required obviously)
  • Added plumage to the helmet quiff, making it look more hairy
  • HQ earring on the helmet
  • Added skinned neck part to the helmet (fixing floating heads with some body replacers)
  • Fixed skinning on the pauldron sleeves and fixed clipping issues
  • Improved foot-parts of the boots (now they actually have soles)
  • Added new HQ ground meshes (including Lefty versions!)
  • Various UV-fixes
  • Properly integrated the indoril greaves with stats fitting the rest of the set (equal to TR stats) and added to most ordinators on Vvardenfell.
  • Integration with Tamriel Rebuilt. The greaves will overwrite the greaves added by TR (even in the non-TR esp) since these are better looking. The TR version of the esp also integrates a HQ version of a unique looking helmet encountered in your journeys on the mainland. Greaves weren't added to TR-NPC's since I think that's something TR would've done if they wanted to.

HiRez Armors - Native Styles V2 by Saint Jiub

Not strictly required but highly advised:
Sanctioned Indoril Armor by akh
FMI - Sane Ordinators by PoodleSandwich


    1. Copy and paste the files to your data files and overwrite if asked.
    2a. Load the indoril_armor.esp file if you're not running Tamriel Rebuilt
    2b. Load the indoril_armor - TR.esp file INSTEAD if you do have TR_Mainland.esm loaded
    3. It is advised to merge objects (TES3Merge)