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Configurable mod for automatical adjustment of lighting, including override values, cell whitelist, and light object editing.

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part of the Morrowind May Modathon Month 2020

No .esp, no conflicts, full configurablity, no save bloat, no noticeable performance impact. Compatible with TR and other mods.

"the most advanced and customizable lighting mod available for Morrowind today" - DEG

Note: when testing or setting up the mod, it is recommended to turn on debug mode for verbose log info. If you're updating from the previous version, you might need to delete your config file (in Data Files/MWSE/config).

Interior lighting values
Upon entering an interior cell, its lighting values are adjusted to TLaD or DL values if overrides are enabled, or set to a percentage of their base value (0 - 100%) if overrides are disabled or there is no override data for the cell. It is possible to whitelist cells, so that lighting changes apply only to them. By default, using a whitelist is disabled, but the MCM includes a pre-made whitelist with all vanilla interior cells, except of testing cells.

Lights without a mesh
Certain lights do not have a visible source (torch, lantern, etc.) in their mesh. This mod provides an option to extinguish them. It is also possible to apply this feature only to blacklisted lights.

Light radius scaling
The radius of all light sources can be scaled between 25 - 300%. Recommended values are between 80 - 120%. Lights with a radius greater than the cutoff value won't be scaled.

Dark light disabling
It's possible to remove negative (dark) lights.

Flicker removal
Many lights in Morrowind flicker or pulse. It's possible to remove that effect for all lights, or for all lights except ones that mimick flame (torches, braziers, etc).

Light object overrides
It's possible to use light color, time, and radius from TLaD (Necro edit), and/or radius, time, value, and weight from True Skyrimized Torches. If both are enabled, TST changes to carryable lights overwrite TLaD ones.

Level design lighting preview
When in an interior cell, press L to edit each lighting value separately. This can be useful for previewing desired lighting settings when making mods. Additionally, after each change, the values are printed into MWSE.log in a way that lets you import them into your preferred override list (if you wish to use these data, make sure to delete the default entry for that cell).

Currently working on making the lighting values change depending on the time of day and possibly the weather, and on adding light sources to GitD sunrays.

Recommended (and fully compatible) mods
Glow in the Dahrk by MelchiorDahrk
Light Decay by Greatness7 and MelchiorDahrk
The Midnight Oil by Merlord
Torch Hotkey by Remiros, Greatness7, and NullCascade

Latest version of MWSE-lua.

Extract the files into your Morrowind/Data Files folder.

Delete everything listed under Preview file contents on the Files tab of this mod from your Morrowind/Data Files directory.

This mod does not modify any vanilla records in a way that could cause conflict.

The mod is a result of teamwork:
- Greatness7 - scripting, troubleshooting
- Merlord - scriting, troubleshooting
- OperatorJack - scripting, troubleshooting
- Petethegoat - troubleshooting, testing
- RedFurryDemon - scripting

Thanks to everyone who helped out in any way or provided feedback during the development of this mod; in particular thanks to Necrolesian.