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Toggle lights on and off. Town lights turn off during the day. Lights no longer destroyed underwater. Lanterns aren't destroyed when they run out of fuel. Refill lanterns with candles and lamps with oil.

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The Midnight Oil: Lighting Overhaul

by Merlord


This mod overhauls lights by making them reusable and toggle-able. Lights in town will turn off during the day, and you can toggle any light on or off by holding down shift+activating it.

  • Toggle lights on and off by holding down shift and pressing the activate key. This includes both carry-able and static lights.
  • Lights in towns and settlements will now turn off during the day, similar to window glow in Glow in the Dahrk.
  • Lights no longer get destroyed when underwater. Lights don't disappear when they run out of fuel (except torches)
  • Refill lanterns and candlesticks with candles, and lamps with oil, both purchasable at various traders and pawnbrokers.
  • All three bug lamps were made to match price, weight and duration, as two of them were zero weight, infinite lights in vanilla.
  • Flasks of oil can be refilled manually by activating an ash mire (those black tar pits in the Ashlands and West of Seyda Neen).

Town lights turning off during the day:

Manually toggle lights on and off:

Lights don't get destroyed when going underwater:


This mod requires MGE XE/MWSE. Extract into Data Files or use a mod manager of your choice, and activate the ESP file.

- now compatible with mods that add glow maps to lights.

-Fixed crash when light was missing a sceneNode
-Two new MCM options:
  - "Settlements Only" time of day toggle only affects lights in settlements
  - "Static Lights Only" time of day toggle only affects non-carryable lights

-Manually toggled lights will not be affected by night/day toggle until the following day

-Fixed crash when shift clicking before loading a game

- Fixed crash caused by lights with collision nodes

- Fixed ambient light bug when not using PPL