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Fixes inconsistencies between where ingredients are said to be found, and where they are actually found.

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Recently both Half11 and I decided, independently, to take a look at fixing these inconsistencies. Half was looking at making his changes for his Patch for Purists project.

After seeing the great job Half did I scrapped most of my efforts.

This mod features what remains. It is designed to be used with Patch for Purists and loaded after, although the Patch for Purists master file is not technically a requirement.

In addition, because most of the lines are said by two different NPCs, Anarenen and Tendris Vedran, I've designed it in a way that using this alongside Patch for Purists will also help to cut down on repetitive dialogue by giving both alchemists a unique delivery.

Older versions of Patch for Purists used some lines from MR Ingredients Dialogue by Envy123 to address the issue. I have given that mod’s description of Bonemeal:

"Bonemeal is a finely ground powder with modest magical properties made from the bones of the bonewalker, skeleton, bonelord and other animated bone-constructs of both profane and sacred necromantic origins."

to Anarenen but removed the word “necromantic” as per Wolli’s suggestion that Dunmer would not want to equate their ancestral worshiping practices with necromancy.

Permission was granted by Envy to include this modified line.

For a full breakdown of the difference between what's in FMI - Ingredient Locations, what's vanilla, what's in Patch for Purists and what was in MR Ingredients Dialogue, see here:

What is highlighted in green is what you will get if you use this FMI - Ingredient Locations with Patch for Purists and load FMI_Ingredient_Locations.ESP AFTER Patch for Purists.esm (once the new version of the Patch is out. Today's date: Nov 23/19).