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Gives ripened Belladonna a unique Vanilla-friendly look, matching it's real life appearance. + An option to have the effects of Belladonna live up to the name 'Deadly Nightshade'.

Permissions and credits
Deadly Nightshade

Changes the effects of Ripened and Unripened Belladonna to more closely match that of real world Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade). 

Craft powerful poisons using a mod like Greatness7's Poison Crafting, utilizing Belladonna's Poison and Damage Health effects.

Or, if you're a skilled enough alchemist, harness it's pupil-dilating Night Eye property or it's vanilla magicka fortifying property.

Just don't eat it raw!

Unique Ripened Belladonna

Ripened Belladonna now looks black as midnight on a moonless night.

Unique and Deadly Belladonna

Both of the above changes in one.


Use only one of the 3 options.

All mods cleaned with tes3cmd


- Compatible with Graphic Herbalism - MWSE and OpenMW Edition

- Compatible with OpenMW

- Probably compatible with Rebirth but not checked

- 'Unique Ripened Belladonna' and 'Unique and Deadly Belladonna' probably not compatible with the old Graphic Herbalism, but not checked.


Copy it all into the Data Files folder. OR use Mod Organizer. OR OpenMW. (If you use OpenMW you can still just copy it all into your Morrowind Data Files folder, I won't judge).


Thanks to Stuporstar for making Graphic Herbalism - MWSE and OpenMW Edition (container mesh based on Remiros' Morrowind Optimization Patched version)