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Fixes typos and grammatical errors in "Note from the Archcanon", including creating correct gender version for female player characters.

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So you've become Hortator of the great houses of Vvardenfell and kicked up enough of a stink that the Archcanon himself has requested an audience with you, but the Temple still don't know you're a woman?

When first playing through the game as a female character, my immersion was broken pretty hard when I received the "Note from the Archcanon".
Despite my best attempts to explain it away, "they only have rumours about you, they have never SEEN you", I had to accept that I was clutching at straws and that this was clearly an oversight on the developer's part.

This mod fixes that, as well as a few typos and grammatical errors also present in the document.

Now the Note from the Archcanon will refer to your character's sex correctly, whichever you are playing, and will also contain (hopefully) no typos or grammatical errors for either.


Only Morrowind. Cleaned with tes3cmd. 


Simply copy "Note from the Archcanon Fix.ESP" into your Morrowind, Data Files folder and make sure to check it as active in your Morrowind or OpenMW launcher.