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Make Cave Rats look like how they're described. May they find their way deep into your best pillows.

Permissions and credits

I discovered this inconsistency from Melchior Dahrk's "Gameplay vs Text" list on The Assimilation Lab:

Item C-012

"Two smaller but dangerous predators of Vvardenfell are the nix-hound and the rat. Cave rats are found everywhere, often in close proximities to their slightly larger relative, the cave rat and the rust rat. The nix-hound is a rangy quadruped with long, purple feeding spikes. Its cousin, the rogue nix-hound, is larger and much more dangerous."
Issue(s): Rust Rats are not featured in game (could potentially be what ended up just being generic Rats - the mesh and textures for rats are named Rust Rats).


I am of the view that standard Morrowind Rats = Rust Rats because they are just so rusty looking, they are called Rust Rats in the CS, as are their meshes and textures. 

The issues that I see in the dialogue are:

Cave rats are not found everywhere, they are in fact quite rare.

[ FIXED in Patch for Purists, more info below ]

Should be "close proximity".

[ IGNORE - it is spoken dialogue, people make grammatical mistakes all the time when they are speaking ]

"cave rat" is repeated in what seems like a typo.

[ FIXED in Patch for Purists ]

Nix-hounds' spikes are green, not purple

[ FIXED in Fix-Hound by R-Zero ]

Rogue Nix-hounds are not featured in game

[ IGNORE - having everything that is alluded to in dialogue appear in-game would make the world feel a lot smaller and less mysterious IMO which is part of why I decided against including Rogue Nix-Hounds in this mod. If I had decided to I would have given regular Nix-Hounds an appearance reminiscent of their concept art, featuring purple feeding spikes, and reserved the vanilla appearance for their larger cousins. ]


Cave rats are the same size as rust rats and share the exact same appearance, looking equally rusty in colour. 

[ This mod fixes that ]

1.0 Features

- A subtle, less rusty edit of the vanilla rat texture for cave rats based on uncompressed vanilla resolution textures
- Cave rats shrunk by 10% in the CS
- All cave rat textures given unique name and file path within the mesh for compatibility with texture replacers
- Optional "HD" version based on upscaled textures for extra compatibility with texture replacers

2.0 Update

- Used edited mesh by R-Zero that looks more distinct
- Darkened the fur and gave it an ever so slightly more blueish tint (thanks Remiros for that idea)
- Used textures from Rats Galore by The Wanderer to add extra detail (especially noticeable in HD version)

Note on Patch for Purists

Patch for Purists changes the line to:

"Rats are found everywhere, often in close proximities to their slightly larger relatives, the cave rat and the rust rat."  

Although this fixes the typo, it is the vanilla implication that cave rats are slightly smaller that I follow in this mod. I assume that there could well be lots of real-world sized, plain old, none-cave, none-rust, rat rats scurrying about the place that were left out of the game for technical/time/budget etc. reasons.

So you don't have to worry about compatibility with Patch for Purists, cave rats can still be smaller than rust rats.


Download either the HD version (based on upscaled Vanilla textures for compatibility with graphics mods) or the regular version. Both contain the mesh and plugin so you don't need both. 

If you don't use Mod Organizer, Vortex or similar, and you don't use OpenMW / it's method of mod management, just copy the contents of this download into your Morrowind, Data Files folder. You'll be fine.

Make sure to activate the plugin in your launcher.

Compatibility & Requirements

Should be compatible with everything that doesn't directly edit the cave rat creature.

The mod is clean.

It is compatible with OpenMW.

As far as I am aware, Morrowind Rebirth does not effect the look of Cave Rats, so loading this plugin after Rebirth should make it compatible.

The plugin requires the two expansions, Tribunal and Bloodmoon, if you would like a version that only requires Morrowind, let me know and I might upload one.

Permissions & Credits

Do whatever you'd like with the main version, the mesh and the plugin, as long as it's for Morrowind and not for profit. And, as of 2.0, please credit R-Zero and The Wanderer for their contributions.

If you use the textures from the HD version, please also credit the creators of the upscaled textures. Credits for the HD textures as follows:  is from  HD Vanilla Textures by G The Generous  is from  MWGigapixel by Levi Smith  are from  Morrowind Enhanced Textures by DassiD and Project Enhance (not featured in 2.0) (2.0 only)  are based on the upscales from Morrowind Enhanced Textures by DassiD and Project Enhance