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Fixes the biggest exploits and balance issues in the game.

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This mod attempts to fix the most glaring exploits and balance issues in the game in the most sensible way. It's supposed to be an addendum to other great balance mod like Mort's rebalances. Commonly Used Containers Nerfed, Container Ownership and Rarer Scrap Metal by Half11 have been incorporated into this mod. A full documentation can be found in the archive or the "Docs" tab.
Feel free to make changes to this mod as long as you credit me and Half11 as the original author.
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Harder Barter
Better Balanced Booze
One of a Kind
Commonly Used Containers Nerfed, Container Ownership and Rarer Scrap Metal  Included in this mod as of V1.1
Poison Crafting
Wings of Will
Putting Power in Willpower
Easy Escort
Controlled Consumption
Samarys Ancestral Tomb Expanded (Greatly improves Samarys Ancestral Tomb and makes the Mentor's Ring more difficult to acquire)

Shameless Self-Promotion:

Equipment Requirements (Adds skill requirements for equipment)
Purist Friendly Magicka Regen (Adds a subtle and balanced magicka regeneration without bugs or extra jank to the game)
Remiros' Tombs Expansion (Makes some tombs more difficult and certain artifacts more involved and difficult to acquire)
Divayth Fyr Puzzle Fixed (Fixes the broken puzzle in the Corprusarium)