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Small mods I made that don't warrant their own page on Nexus.

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Adamantium Ore Fix
So, why does Adamantium Ore need fixing? The primary use of Adamantium Ore is crafting custom Adamantium Armor at Bols Indalen. In the vanilla game only twenty Raw Adamantium rocks exist, each of which only has a 60% chance of containing one Adamantium Ore. None of the rocks respawn (except on the Xbox version for unknown reasons). Without reloading the player will thus obtain an average of 12 pieces of ore. However, 45 pieces of ore are needed for crafting the complete Adamantium Armor set.
´╗┐What this mod does is allowing the player to find the exact amount of Adamantium Ore needed (45) in the existing twenty Raw Adamantium rocks. Most rocks will contain 2 pieces of ore, some will contain 3. This way the crafting service at Bols Indalen is sufficient, without overflowing the player with Adamantium Ore that is precious by lore (like similair fixes for this issue do).

Better Expansion Implementations
Fixes Bethesda's messy expansion implementations. Now you'll no longer be bothered with irritating and unlogical early assassin attacks and Solstheim rumours. See readme for full details.
*I renamed this mod Expansion Delay (download this new mod instead).

Commonly Used Containers Nerfed*
This mod nerfes the most commonly used crates, barrles and baskets (1314 in total) by removing the following Leveled Items from them: random_loot_special_marksman, random_potion_attribute_restore and random_loot_special. These items are valuable restorative potions, throwing weapons, special magic weapons and higher soul gems. Now these containers will only contain the gold and cheap random possessions they already had before.
*Now part of Morrowind Anti-Cheese by Remiros

Container Ownership*
Lots of crates, barrels, and urns are missing ownership tags, resulting in free loot laying around for the taking. This mod adds ownership to these containers.
*Now part of Morrowind Anti-Cheese by Remiros

Descriptive NPC Classes
This mod makes the NPC classes playable. Each one is given a description in the spirit of the original game. This mod also allows the Ashlander hairstyles and the head of Socucius Ergalla (Ken Rolston) to be used in character creation. In addition, full birthsign descriptions are made visible in the UI.

Outdoor Banners With Sound
Outdoor banners now play sound alongside their animations. During clear weather types the unused flag.wav sound file is used (it fits this weather type better compared to the standard flag2.wav). For stormy weather types the script uses the regular flag2.wav sound file. My aim was to make the sounds noticeable, but not overly loud.

Protective Masks Redux
This mod gives masked helmets 10% Resist Disease. The original Protective Masks was removed from Nexus because WanderRA purged some of his lesser mods he stopped using himself. Several people told me they liked to use this mod with my Blight Storms Restored. So I made this Redux version with permission from WanderRA. This new version covers: Boiled Netch Leather Helm, Chitin Helm, Chitin Mask Helm and Telvanni Dust Adept Helm.

Rarer Scrap Metal*
Scrap Metal is described as "rare and precious" but is commonly found. This mod aims to make it slightly rarer. I removed (the restocking supply of) Scrap Metal from Andilu Drothan, Cienne Sintieve and Nalcarya. I figured the other Scrap Metal vendors don't really care about Imperial law because they live in Telvanni territory. I also edited two Leveled Lists:
  • random_scrap_metal (set "Chance None" 40 -> 70)
  • random_dwarven_ingredients (trimmed some Scrap Metal from the list)
v1.1: Fixed one of the leveled list edits so that it no longer increases the probability of getting other ingredients.
*Now part of Morrowind Anti-Cheese by Remiros

Services Restored

This mod does two things:
  • Cinia Urtius is added to the game. No master trainer for Medium Armor appeared in the game. However, the Morrowind Prophecies Official Strategy Guide lists Cinia Urtius as the master trainer for Medium Armor and says she can be found "on the deck of the boat at the Tel Fyr dock". She offers one-way travel from the Tel Fyr dock to Sadrith Mora and Tel Aruhn because Caius Cosades tells you "there's a dock [in Tel Fyr], but no boat service, so you must water-walk or swim from Sadrith Mora". Just putting Cinia Urtius without the option to travel felt weird because she is Shipmaster. Now it is like she just happend to be in port an is willing to take you to one of the nearby towns. I gave her a new background topic response to reflect this.
  • In unpatched version 1.0 editions of the game, Hecerinde is a restocking vendor for the Secret Master variety of lockpicks and probes, tools which cannot be found anywhere else. This service was removed for the GotY edition for reasons unknown (nothing is said about it in the official patch notes). Now Hecerinde sells these items again. You must be a member of the Thieves Guild in order to purchase these items.

Vanilla-Friendly Almalexia Replacer

This mod is based on Sexy Almalexy by Qarl. I really liked Qarl's replacer except for the fact that --although it added more detail in Almalexia's face and doubled the resolution-- her body and armour missed the details the orginal texture had (probably due to bad upscaling software). The upscaling also highlighted skin reflections where it shouldn't. Another thing I didn't really like was the change in skin and eye colour. This head replacer is meant to be played with vanilla textures. If you have a fully modded game you may prefer the orginal version by Qarl or one of the other replacers out there.

Better Clothes and Robert's Bodies patch
This patch fixes legs clipping through pants when using Better Clothes with Robert's Bodies. Load after Better Clothes.

Vampire-tolerant Duke Vedam Dren
House Telvanni is the only house in Morrowind to let vampires join their ranks. However, building your stronghold is tricky, as Duke Vedam Dren will attack you when you ask him to receive the construction contract (though you can still get the contract through other means, such as stealing or killing). This mod makes Duke Vedam Dren tolerant towards vampires by giving him new dialogue options.
This mod also includes a fix for Aryon's broken greeting during the Wizard Spells quest that prevented vampires from advancing beyond the rank of Spellwright.

Velothi's Veloth's Velothian be Blessed
Replaces the Velothian/Velothi's/Veloth's prefixes with Blessed. Argumentation in the readme.

Moranar for the Better Clothes and Robert's Bodies patch.
Illuminiel for the orginal Illy's Solsteim Rumour Fix I used ideas from for my Better Expansion Implementations.
R-Zero for making me aware of how broken crate_01_random_pos and crate_02_random_pos are.
Denina for her Earn Your Keep mod which forms the conceptual basis for my Container Ownership.
JotaVeUltra for the Banners With Sound on which my Outdoor Banners With Sound script is loosely based on.
WanderRA for the original Protective Masks mod.
PoodleSandwich for the idea of Rarer Scrap Metal.
Qarl (may his soul rest in peace) for the orginal Sexy Almalexy.