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Dynamically adjusts how much merchants will pay for items. Pluginless, compatible with everything.
Requires MWSE-Lua

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Harder Barter
by mort
Requires MWSE-Lua

1.2 fixes item stack pricing and adds a modconfig menu to enable/disable
1.1 corrects items worth less than 10 gold having incorrect prices. thanks log scale.

Uses mwse to dynamically adjust merchant buy prices.
New Merchant Price = Old Merchant Price / log(item base price)

This means expensive items are much less valuable and cheap items are more or less the same price.

As an example, my basic level character is trying to sell a daedric katana to a merchant. It's base value is 50000.
With 50 mercantile and 40 merchant disposition, I can get a base price of 2585.
Raising the merchant's disposition to 100 makes the price 3451.
Having 100 disposition and 100 mercantile makes the price 4173, and even higher if you haggle.

This is an extreme example, cheaper items won't be hit nearly as hard, but you should know this (intentionally) makes the game a bit more difficult, but in my opinion, more realistic and fair.

The point of this is to prevent really dumb strategies where one daedric item buys out an entire merchants stock forever and ever. That isn't how the world is supposed to work. A merchant isn't going to mortgage their house for a sword. Watch pawn stars some time -- you can't make money as a merchant buying things for face value.

Because it's a simple lua script that intercepts the item price, it's compatible with everything. This is intended to replace Hotfusion's Economy Overhaul to a degree, in a much simpler way.

Licensing: use whenever, wherever, for anything
Thanks to: nullcascade for mwse