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Edits a file from Weapon Sheathing so weapons on your back point down, not up. To be used with the "extra" animations in that mod which let you draw your weapon from your back.

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All this mod does is edit a file from Weapon Sheathing so that weapons on your back point down, as they supposedly did in very early iterations of the mod. In this way, if you use the optional file that that makes you draw from the back, you are grasping the hilt, not the blade. Additionally, the smaller weapons have been moved up so they look right too. Thus, you can play in third person and have everything look nice. Pairs well with my 3rd-Person Crosshair mod ( if you are on the original engine (OpenMW just has a feature for that).

Also, you may think the staff in the picture is too far to the left. I'd tend to agree, but I wanted it to match up with the placement of your hands in the drawing animation.

To install, simply place xbase_anim_sh.nif into Data Files/Meshes. Make sure to install this mod AFTER Weapon Sheathing, and anything else which has a version of this file, if you want my changes to appear. 

Obviously, I fully credit Greatness7 and whoever else worked on Weapon Sheathing, as all I did was make some relatively simple Nifskope edits. If you want me to take this down (despite the seemingly open permissions on the mod page), just ask.

P.S.: I have no plans on ever updating this mod, short of a game-breaking bug, me having uploaded the wrong file, etc. If you wish to see some small change to something within, do it yourself.