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A player home, and medium dungeon hidden somewhere under Suran.

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Suran Underwater Manor is a secret hideout that lies somewhere beneath Lake Masobi next to the infamous harbour town of Suran. A hidden abode for any experienced thief who has the cunning to find it and the skill to enter it. The ideal place to lay low while the heat from your latest robbery cools off.

The features of this mod include:
--- A unique layout in the Hlaalu style with underground courtyards and deep pools.
-- Comes with a Kitchen, bedroom, living area and storage room.
-- Dozens of storage chests and 4 armour mannequins.
-- All the lighting comes from lanterns and can be moved to suit the new owner's needs.
-- 3+ secret rooms - can you find them?
-- Cleaned with TESAME.

New features in version 2.0:
-- Small to Medium sized Dungeon added to the Manor, with end of dungeon boss fight!
-- New dungeon has 2+ jumping puzzles, 4+ secret areas, 2+ traps and 10+ treasure chests,
-- and numerous creatures to best in combat.
-- New second entrance to Manor from outside Suran; hidden, of course, behind a trap and another secret door.
-- Let the smuggling begin in earnest!
-- Morrowind Rebirth compatibility patch included (tested with Rebirth 5.0).
-- New Hlaalu tileset meshes - to create high ceilings - like the Redoran and Velothi tilesets have. 
-- created by cutting up existing vanilla meshes using Blender. 

Morrowind Modding Showcases - Episode 56 Thief Mods - by Dark Elf Guy:
House Mod of the Week
(Starts 3:52)

If you have any suggestions for future versions - please post them in the comments section here at the Morrowind Nexus.

Screenshots taken with the Morrowind Graphic and Sound Overhaul (MSGO) installed.