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--- Suran Underwater Manor ----------
A House and Dungeon Mod by WulfShaman

Suran Underwater Manor is a secret hideout for any experienced thief who can find it
- some may find the locks to be quite tricky. The ideal place to lay low while the heat
from your latest robbery cools off.

This mod is inspired by the Balmora Underwater Manor by Aquatakat. After discovering it only
recently in Morrowind Modding Showcases episode 48 I fell in love with it, and it’s been a part
of my mod list ever since. More than that it opened up the possibility of adding new houses to
favourite modding locations with less likelihood of conflicts and the freedom to design any
number of different interior layouts - the joys of underground or underwater modding!

All the lighting in the Manor can be picked up and moved. There are many empty shelves so a
new owner can rearrange the lighting to suit themselves. Additional lanterns are stored in a
chest in the kitchen for those who prefer a brighter residence. If you are having trouble
reaching the higher selves jump on the conveniently placed bench. :)

Cleaned with TESAME.

--- Installation ----------

Unzip all files to your Morrowind\Data Files\ directory. Usually found on the C hard drive
under Program Files.

If you're using the Steam version of Morrowind, you'll find the Morrowind\Data Files directory
underneath Steam\Steam Apps\Common\Morrowind.

If you're using the Bethesda Launcher version of Morrowind, you'll find the Morrowind/Data Files
Directory underneath Launcher\games\...

Wrye Mash.
The mod has a Mod Manager friendly file structure for easy installation with Wrye Mash, or Vortex etc. Information, instructions and download links for Wrye Mash can be founded here:

Wrye Mash can also be used to update your saves after changing to a new version.

Installed Resources.
This mod uses the Wooden Armor Mannequins Resource by ReflectioN for the armor
mannequins. I have created my own meshes by cutting up existing meshes using Blender.

The meshes and textures for these can be found in their respective directories
after you have unzipped the files into the Data Files folder:
-- Meshes\WM\Man_Woodxxx.nif (12 flies in total)
-- Meshes\Ws\in_hlaalu_rm_cntr_bt_c.nif
-- Meshes\Ws\in_hlaalu_rm_cntr_tp_c.nif
-- Meshes\Ws\in_hlaalu_rm_post_bt_c.nif
-- Meshes\Ws\in_hlaalu_rm_post_tp_c.nif
-- Meshes\Ws\in_hlaalu_wal_front_01.nif
-- Meshes\Ws\furn_de_bench_03.nif*
-- Meshes\Ws\furn_de_chair_01.nif*
-- Meshes\Ws\furn_de_chair_02.nif*
-- Meshes\Ws\furn_de_table_05.nif*
-- Meshes\Ws\contain_de_closet_02.nif*
-- Meshes\Ws\contain_de_desk_01.nif*
-- Meshes\Ws\contain_de_drawers_02.nif*
-- Meshes\Ws\contain_de_table_01.nif*
-- Textures\WM\ (14 files in total)

*Original meshes moved to different folder and given unique IDs
- to stop Morrowind Rebirth replacing them if installed

Requires both expansions or the GOTY edition.

--- How to get Started ----------

The title of the mod gives away a whopping big clue to the house's location already so
there will be no more given here - well maybe a small one below. :) But let us just say
there's no entry fee or salespersons - it is a thief's hideout - and the house is yours once
you find it.

--- Conflicts ----------

There shouldn't be any as the mod changes very little of the outside world but of course
there probably will be loads. :)

There's a conflict with Morrowind Rebirth as the mod changes the cell which the entrance to
house is linked. A compatibly mod for Rebirth is included (Tested with 5.0).

--- What I've Changed ----------

- One interior cell of Suran to add the entance to the house.
- The Ules Manor cell to add an exit.
- 6 new interior cell.
- Modified versions of objects appear in the house and Dungeon (mainly chests), but they
all have their own IDs.
- Added Mannequins with their own meshes and textures.
- Cut up 3 original meshes to created 5 new meshes.
- Written 23 new scripts.
- Created 2 global variables called wsx1_global_trap_01 and wsx1_global_aura_01

--- Version History ----------

Version 2.0.1
- Replaced edited meshes with ones which retain their collision meshes
- achieved by using blender - to improve performance on older computers.
- Edited the Hlaalu Wall mesh to be single facing - to optimize performance and reduce lag.
- Replaced the Dark Elf ladders with the longer versions
- Previously had joined 2 ladders together - never noticed a longer version in the editor. :)
- Fixed some minor graphical bugs were the player could see through gaps in the walls.
- Included 8 original furniture meshes in new folder and with unique IDs
- to stop Rebirth replacing them if installed.
- as the new smoother meshes added made items placed on top sit incorrectly.
- Added Northmakers to cells that were missing them.
- Adjusted the Doormakers as some were a little far from their doors.
- Added more black space surrounding the rooms to better hide the water level in the local map.
Version 2.0:
- Moved the chair that Dark Elf Guy had trouble squeezing past. :)
- Raised the sofas in the living area to fix some ugly bleeding
- Added a second entrance which leads to the Ules Manor through a basement (new cell)
- Added a trap which needs solved to assess second entrance
- Moved secret area to its own cell to reduce reference count and potential lag
- Created 4 new meshes by editing existing meshes to have higher ceilings
- converted original manor cell to include these new meshes.
- Added a medium sized dungeon - divided over 3 cells, again to keep the ref count down
- New dungeon has 3 jumping puzzles, 4 secret areas, 2 traps and 18 treasure chests.
- Added boss monster at end of dungeon.
- Levitation and teleportation magic is prohibited in dungeon
- but can be turned back on by discovering final secret area.
- Expanded the thief Rervam Sedarys' journals to 5 notes,
- which tells his journey though the manor
- Added pathgriding to all new cells, including the Manor which was missing one.
- Reworked the ladders at the entrance to reduce their incline so they can be climbed.
- Created a compatibly patch for Morrowind Rebirth.
Version 1.0: First release.

--- Known Bugs ----------

- If you find a bug please let me know.
- The interior cell for the house has a high ref count which may cause some problems for
less powerful computers.

--- Credits ----------

Balmora Underwater Manor by Aquatakat
- For creating a great housing mod and inspiring this mod

Morrowind Modding Showcases by DarkElfGuy
- For helping me discover this and other great mods.

Bethesda Softworks - For Morrowind and especally the CS.

Wooden Armor Mannequins Resource V1.0 by ReflectioN
- For the wooden armor mannequins used here.

Balmora Dwemer Sub House by Princess Stomper
- An fantastic housing mod also inspired by Balmora Underwater Manor. For showing me that
creating mods inspired by others can achieve amazing results. An inspiring mod in its own

--- Other Mods ----------

Telvanni Strider House can be found here:

The Alchemist's House (A Non-Instanced Player Home) can be found here:

--- Contact and Permissions ----------

Post comments and suggestions in the comments section at Morrowind Nexus.

Please request permission before altering this mod,
- Or uploading it somewhere else (Except in the event of the original hosting website closure).

Copyright 2017 - 2019 WulfShaman.