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A small non-instanced player home in Ascadian Isles, west of Suran.

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A small player home in the Ascadian Isles. Once home to a renowned alchemist, it now lays empty, waiting for a new alchemist to move in,
or opportunist thief to loot.

The features of this mod include:
  • A unique crafted home set in beautiful Ascadian Isles region, west of Suran, near Arvel Manor.
  • A non-instanced ( no load/open-world ) interior made with vanilla art assets (GOTY edition).  
  • Comes with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, alchemy lab, and guards quarters and mess hall.
  • Dozens of storage chests, barrels and urns.   
  • Does not alter the landscape to increase compatibility with other mods. 
  • Compatible with Morrowind Rebirth. 
  • Cleaned with TESAME.

Morrowind Modding Showcases - Episode 65  - by Dark Elf Guy:
House Mod of the Week
(Starts 2:27)