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Journey through the realms of Oblivion. New quests, items, characters, creatures, etc.

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Go on an adventure through the realms of Oblivion. Meet new npc's and creatures. Do some quests. Find new loot and rewards. Come back alive.

(I apologize for all of the problems with the mod. It really drives me crazy when I have to update files that I just updated, due to some small oversight! I spent the last year (2017) working on fixing everything. It is much more playable/error free now. It is only myself working on it, so it is a lot to keep track of. Thanks, though, to all of you who let me know of errors, etc. You get credit for your help. I really appreciate it!)

Update 1: Added fixed meshes. Be sure to download the update and replace the existing meshes and other files. Also included a replacer for the Masque of Clavicus Vile in a skyrim style and a texture for the banner for consistency. Will continue to update as possible.

Update 2: Added more fixed meshes and a better replacement Ogre. Replace existing files with these. I think I got all of them. Not too many this time. Thanks to all who downloaded and sorry for any problems.

Update 3: Added missing bookart. Included open version of a certain book as a resource. Not included in mod.

Update 4: Fixed more meshes with collision, and other minor edits. Replace existing files.

Update 5: Potentially fixed issues with animation and sound files some are having as well as issue in Meridia's palace. Couple other small things.

Update: Version 1.1 .esp file also available with some script fixes, dialog, and other minor edits. (Thanks to everyone for your comments and reports and patience while I fix things. Please continue to let me know of any issues you encounter.)

Update: Version 1.2 .esp file also available with a new small quest in Apocrypha, some dialog changes and improvements, another way out of Apocrypha where you enter, some other small fixes.

Update: Version 1.3 and Sound Fixes. Two versions, mp3 quick fix and a more correct wav fix. Only use one of them. Either one should work. Also fixes the issue with the battlemage class sounds and other dialog improvements. 

Update: Version 1.4
-basically a whole new experience. will want to start mod from the begining
-many more quests. all tested. worked for me. sheogorath, vaermina, sanguine, mehrunes dagon, clavicus vile now have something for you to do as   well.
-a new faction to join after doing a series of quests
-a new town (merchant city) in clavicus vile's realm, with a few quests and a house for sale
-a few new interiors (caves, ruins)
-fixed all visible collision meshes (99% sure)
-new items
-landscape refinements
-dialog refinements
-many things that were supposed to be animated or do something, now do so.(ie, hermaeus mora, tenticles, orbs, dragonflies, etc.)
-fixed bounding box on spider daedra so more agile now. it is quite dangerous.
-used abot's scripts on the amulets and for the summons (thanks abot!)
-many other improvements
-two options for azura. red robes or blue. pick one and put it in the meshes/r folder
-sorry, no new realms. just too much work at the moment.

Update 3/5/19: added a few missing files and included 2 alternate versions of Clavicus Vile based on the description in the book Lord of Souls and how he appears in the game Redguard.

See ReadMe for more info.

    The Doors of Oblivion
    By AshstaarVersion: 1.0=========
1. Requirements
2. Description
3. Permissions
4. Installation
5. Incompatibilities
6. Known Issues or Bugs
7. Contact
8. Credits=============
Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon============
Journey through the realms of Oblivion. To begin, search around in Tel Fyr. Once in the realms there is much to see and find. Search everywhere, everything, everyone, if you want to find it all.

Tried to make it very lore friendly as that is important to me. A lot of tie-ins to other elder scroll games and lore. You will encounter familiar people, references, daedra lords, new daedra, items, armor, weapons, etc.

Areas should be playable for a level 10 character early on but there are likely some very tough battles. All of the daedra lords are equal to Hircine, Vivec, Almalexia stat-wise to give you an idea. The lesser daedra are mostly tougher as well. It is worth taking them on though as they have unique items.

This mod is a lot showcase but meant to be a great playable experience.There are about 20 quests. Nothing real involved just me trying my hand at dialog and quests. Hopefully they all work. You will need to talk to people/creatures to find them.
Need permission to modify my mod
May use resources but contact me to verify if it is mine
Extract all files to appropriate Morrowind directories.==================
Shouldn't be any problems.=====================

Known Issues or Bugs
I have tested this mod. I tried to be very thorough, combing over and over it, but I'm sure I missed something. Please post any errors you may find.

All the realms are interior cells. In order to achieve certain atmospheres there are no weather systems or day/night cycles. They rely heavily on the fog and draw distance so if you use morrowind graphics extender to get farther view distance you may want to reduce that for this mod.

Some of the realms are very large and detailed. This could be a problem for slower computers.Levitating is not recommended in the "exterior" portions of the realms as it will spoil immersion in MOST places. You will want to levitate in some of the interiors though.

Many of the daedra are passive, so you do not need to attack everything. Many of them have short greetings also. Best to wait and see if they are hostile.
The Tong helms will clip on beast races and possibly some heads.

DO NOT ATTACK AZURA. she cannot fight.Hermaeus Mora will not fight you either.

The mod is not perfect and I had more I wanted to do but cannot devote so much time anymore. I may update it once in a while and will try to fix any errors.

If someone with good quest/dialog/scripting ability would like to contribute to the mod please contact me on Bethesda forums: Ashstaar.========
Bethesda forums: AshstaarPlease let me know of any problems or questions.Credits are in the file ReadMe.