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Overhauls the exteriors of shrines to Molag Bal and Mehrunes Dagon, so the exteriors match better with interiors from my Daedric Shrine Overhaul interiors

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Do you like Daedra? Or do you like smiting Daedra? Want to know what daedra you're gonna SMITE before entering the daedric ruin? Have you ever noticed that the exterior of the Daedric shrines all look the same?

Do I have the mod for you! This mod edits the exteriors of shrines to Mehrunes Dagon and Molag Bal, so you can tell its their shrine at a distance.

Mehrunes Dagon's edits are actually pretty lightweight, since Vvardenfell is already a lot like the Deadlands.

I left the following ruins alone:
Ularradallaku (for compatibility with Red Mountain mods)
Ald Sotha (it's close to Vivec, and I figured that the Temple would make sure it stayed "clean")
Kushtashpi (for compatibility with my Vaermina Shrine mod)

If you use Rocky West Gash, you might have some rocks clipping into each other at Ashalmawia.
Sheogorath's and Malacath's exterior overhauls to follow eventually.